Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Letters to Sarah Beth, Kale, Miranda, and Maeve

The following letters are a part of our Love Letter series. To learn more, click HERE. To read all the letters in this series, click HERE

Letter to Sarah Beth, from Kendra Peterson

My Angel Sarah Beth  Not a day goes by that I don't think about you Peanut .You would be 8mths old, crawling no doubt  you were one determined little girl. Instead you are up there dancing with the angels *sigh* probably got some pretty good moves going on  I love and miss you so so much Peanut, we all do.. Sarah Beth you are always on my mind and will forever be in my heart. Love you always and forever. Love, Mommy

Letter to Kale and Miranda, from Krystal Bockholt

My dear Kale,

Your second Valentine’s day in Heaven sweet boy. How I wish it could be here with us instead. Your daddy and I miss you so much. Your sister and brother miss you. Sometimes, I can imagine how it would be around here if you and your little sister Miranda were with us. I bet your big brother would be annoyed with you following him around all the time, and your big sister would dote on you like crazy. Until you touched something of her’s. And you’d probably chase our Indy puppy around the house. I wonder every day what you’d be like if you were here Kale. I think of you every day. And this year, on Valentine’s day, I want you know how deeply rooted my love for you goes. We may be separated right now, but you are my son. You will always be my son, and always be an important part of our family. 

I love you Kale, happy Valentine’s day.

Dear sweet Miranda,

Not a day goes by that you are not on my mind. It’s almost been a month since we held your little body in our arms. I remember thinking how perfect you are. The most perfect little girl. Oh, I wish you were here. I wish I had the sleepless nights right now, getting up every few hours to rock you and feed you. I wish you were falling asleep in my arms every night. Your big brother and sister talk about you a lot. They pray for you. They laugh picturing you and your big brother Kale running around in Heaven together. 
Sweet baby girl, I wish you were here. I wish, on your first Valentine’s day that I could cover your with kisses. Instead, just know how strong my love for you is. Your daddy and I know what a strong girl you are, and we love you more than we can express. You are our sweet daughter, and have a very special place in our hearts, and in our family. 

Happy Valentine’s day Miranda, I love you 

Letter to Maeve, from Jess McCormack

To my Maeve,
How do I find the words to tell you how much I love you? Any words I try just aren't special enough, colourful enough, beautiful enough for you. I close my eyes and take a deep breath and I am filled with such a longing for you. Oh how I wish I could hold you in my arms and kiss your soft cheeks! I would whisper "I love you, I love you" over and over. I would gently tickle you to make you giggle and helplessly giggle with you, delighting in your smile, the happiness in your eyes. I would tell you again, "I love you, I love you". I would stroke your silky hair and hold your chubby little hands. I would pretend to nibble your toes. And I would tell you again "I love you, I love you". And as you inevitably wriggled free from my grasp, I would let you go. And as you dashed away onto your next adventure, I would whisper "I love you, I love you". And as you looked back over your shoulder, and gave me a cheeky wave, I would say it louder, "I love you, I love you", so that you could take my love with you, every step of your way. But your image fades and I remember you're gone and the wave of pain engulfs me. If only you could hear me, Maeve. I love you, I love you. So very much. And I always will x

~ ~ ~

There are more letters to come! If you would like to share a Love Letter to your baby, there's still time! Click HERE to learn how to participate. 


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