Saturday, February 14, 2015

Letters to Ivanka, Harley, Charlie, Lily, and Lillian

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Letter to Ivanka, from her family

If Zia Jojo wrote everything I feel in my heart and soul I would be writing for days... The moment mommy and daddy told us the great news that they were having a baby we were so excited and we couldn't wait for the day to come when we finally would meet you. Your cousins, your Zio and I were so excited. We planned and we planned and we planned but little did we know that while we were so busy planning for your arrival God had different plans for you:(( . We still don't understand but we know it's God's will.

My beautiful Ivanka we love and miss you so much and our hearts will forever be broken . I promise that we will forever keep your memory alive... I will forever cherish the moment I held you in my arms ...we love you so very much

Zia Jojo, Zio Kirk and your cousins 
Patricia, Maria & Giuliana

Til we meet again my lil' princess Ivanka Rose Caruso

Letter to Harley, from Kristi Lumpkin

My dear, precious Harley, 

Your Daddy and I love you so much. Words can't even describe it accurately. We miss you more than we can put into words. 

Every day, minute and hour we think of you. You were so beautiful. A perfect mixture of your Daddy and I. We will miss you this Valentines Day and everyday in between. 

You will not be forgotten. I long to see you again. That first time will be in eternity. You knew love your whole life. The first face you saw was Jesus. We love you and miss until the last breath we take.

Letter to Charlie, from Reatha Mendenhall

To my beautiful grandson Charlie,

I love you and miss you so much! I pray for help in understanding why you were taken from us, but I do believe we will all be together someday! Now you are watching over me instead of me getting to watch out for you! Doesn't seem fair, but you will be in my heart forever and I will feel your love every time I look at your mom, dad and big sister! I see you in them and it makes me so proud!! There is only one you! You will always be loved and never forgotten!!! Until I see that sweet little face again!! 

Grandma Reatha

Letter to Lily, from Kellie Soper

To my sweet Lily girl,

Right now my words seem so small and so insignificant. "I miss you" just doesn't seem like enough.

I found out almost a year ago I was pregnant with you. As with many days in the past year, this is one I will never forget. I was so excited, but also so nervous. I was nervous it was too soon. Your brother was only 10 months old. I was worried I was robbing him of his time as an only child. Most of all, I was worried that it wasn't possible to love another tiny human the way I loved your brother. 

What a silly fear! As you grew and danced in my belly my love for you grew exponentially. Honestly though, I didn't know how much I loved you until I learned I wouldn't get to keep you.

I thank God every single day that I had the chance to know you. I love you sweet Lily girl and I miss you like crazy.

Letter to Lillian, from Becca Collier

This is for my niece Lillian Ember Stewart...

The other day at church my pastor said when we get to Heaven we Will know our loved ones even if we have never met them. Even though I know that one day I will meet you and through pictures and your little brother I will know you this reasures me. I am blessed to know that in everything you are with us in spirit but I look forward to the day when we celebrate the return of Jesus and you are one that get to count among my beloved. 

Love Aunt Becca


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