Thursday, February 12, 2015

Letters to Hannah, Gianna, Amalya, and Samuel

The following letters are a part of our Love Letter series. To learn more, click HERE. To read all the letters in this series, click HERE

Letter to Hannah, from Heather Kimble

Dear Hannah,

Words can't even begin to express how much I love you. You were such a blessing to me and you continue to be. I can't imagine never having you at all. I cherish the short time I had with you. I wouldn't trade you for the world. I wouldn't change my journey if it meant never having you at all. I'm honored to be your Mommy. 

You are beautiful and perfect in every way. So tiny, so small. You had your Daddy's and mine hair color and your lips were just like mine. 

You are loved and always will be. You only knew love on this earth. You were born into the arms of God knowing true unconditional love. I pray that He tells you about your Daddy and I. That He tells you how much we love and miss you. That he tells you that you will always be our sweet Baby Girl. 

Love You Forever. 

Love Always,

Letter to Gianna, from Christine Russo

My dear Gianna bear,

Happy first Valentines day to mommy's sweet angel! I would love to wake you up on valentine's morning with a long cuddle and a hundred kisses for you my big 11 month old. You opened mommy and daddy's hearts more than either of us could have ever imagined and made us both want to be better people. You are such an incredible little girl who has changed our lives forever. I would carry and birth you a hundred times over my sweet angel. We love you more and more each passing day and we count the minutes till we can hold your sweet little body again and kiss those and miss you with all I have
Love, mommy

Letter to Amalya, from Bethany Conkel

Dear Amalya Nathaniel –

Although your time with us was short, and some may say it is not even worth counting, let me assure you my sweet boy, your impact is felt DAILY. You have touched the hearts and lives of many. Your existence has brought about change for future babies. You did so much in your short time her. I can’t begin to tell you how proud I am of you. But, sweetie, I also want you to know, I do not love you for the things you have accomplished or the lives have touched. I love you because you are MINE. You were gifted to me and I am so thankful. I love you for being you. I have loved you from the time I knew you were inside me and I will love you until I no longer have breath in me. You have changed me in so many ways and I am so very glad you were placed in my life. Although I wish we could have spent more time together, I am grateful for the time we had. It was more than enough to for you to be forever imprinted on my heart. You will forever be my little boy, my firstborn, my son, my world-changer.
With all my Love, Mommy

Letter to Samuel, from RaeAnne and Bryan Fredrickson

Dear Samuel, 

Our dear sweet boy, we miss you so much! You are our special little guy, and we think of you every day. Our lives are not complete without you here. We are so proud of you! From early on we knew you were a fighter, and you certainly showed us how strong you were. You were so brave! We'll never understand why you couldn't stay. 

We wish with all our wishes you could have stayed. 

We'll hold you tight in our hearts until we can hold you in our arms again.

We love you forever! We can't wait to give you thousands of loves and kisses!

Love, always,

Mama and Daddy

~ ~ ~

There are more letters to come! If you would like to share a Love Letter to your baby, there's still time! Click HERE to learn how to participate.


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