Friday, February 13, 2015

Letters to Elly, Braxton, Leo, Lillian, Charlie, and Jonah

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Letter to Elly, from Kayla Schacht

My special Valentine, 
When I started writing my love letter to you, I decided to look up the meaning of love. This is what I found:

Love/noun. an intense feeling of deep affection

The love I have for you, sweet princess, is such a deep affection most can never understand. The love I feel for you is greater than any love I've felt. You have changed me in such a deep way that love will never have the same meaning. The dictionary definition doesn't do the love I have for you justice. 

I want you to know I will always love you completely. You're my guardian Angel and I am so blessed to by your mommy. 

Love, your biggest cheerleader :)

Letter to Braxton, from Farrin Barbato

I didn't get a chance to hold my grandson. I didn't even get a chance to meet him. He was born 20 weeks premature. My blessed grandson was with his mommy and daddy 6 very precious minutes. Braxton Allen has made a forever part of my heart be in heaven. I cry twice. Once for my sorrow and once for my daughters. Will always be proud that I have such a special grandson that has angel wings. Love you my sweet baby boy. Your grandma even though I did not meet you will miss you until meet again. I will come running to find you when I grow old and come to heaven. First I have to be here to await my grandchildren yet to come.

Letter to Leo from Lisa Swaim

Dear Leo Benjamin,

I have always loved you and I've known you through multiple lifetimes. When I saw your face, I knew you were mine and always would be with me. I miss you with a raw and fierce grief still. It has been 20 months since I held you. You were beautiful and warm, but already your soul had left us for a more peaceful place. Your big brother, Jacob, recently asked me what I would wish for, if I had one wish. I said I used to wish for world peace, but now I only wish for you. He said, "Me, too, mommy." We all love you and miss you so much. There is a vast empty space in our hearts, knowing that we have to live this life on earth without you. If there is a way to come back to us in this lifetime, we will hope for you to come. My soul will look for your soul, my son. I will always love you.

Letter to Lillian, from Sharla Collier

Dear Precious Lillian Ember,

We were so excited to hear about you and couldn't wait to meet you! You came into our lives sooner than we expected but you were only here a very short time. In the few hours we were with you, Lily, you became embedded in Gramma's heart forever.. I loved rocking you, singing to you, holding you and looking into your beautiful face. I am so honored to be your Gramma and have you for my granddaughter. I miss you every single day........ your life has changed so many people..... your Gramma included and you continue to change lives to this very day. I celebrate your short but epic life every day. I long to hold you, rock you, sing to you and see your beautiful face day I will. Till that day know Gramma loves you beyond and for always! I love you, Lily!!

Love, Gramma

Letter to Charlie, from Allyson Mendenhall

My dear Charlie-

One year ago...mommy not only was celebrating her birthday, but was also celebrating YOU being 3 weeks old!! Had I known how short your time would be - my sweet boy. 

I love you Charlie, and I miss you every second of the day. Thank you for being my boy, and thank you for loving us and giving us such happiness. Thank you for making your daddy so proud, and thank you for making Chloe a big sister. We all love you so much. 

I hope your first birthday in heaven was wonderful. We celebrated with you here...

Take care my little Charlie man. Mommy loves you. Always.

Letter to Jonah, from Daya Solomon

Over the weekend I visited the cemetery to bring my grandson a Valentine. I like to think that - when the overcast sky briefly cleared to reveal what looked to me like a heart shaped patch of blue sky - that it was Jonah, saying " Hi Grandma!".

~ ~ ~

There are more letters to come! If you would like to share a Love Letter to your baby, there's still time! Click HERE to learn how to participate.


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