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Honoring Babyloss Mothers Project - Day Six

It's Day Six of our project! Did you read the letters from Day Five?

For this project, we'll be posting notes and letters to babyloss mothers, written by the friends and family who love them. Learn about it HERE. Each day, we'll be posting more of the letters we received for these beautiful mamas.

We will be accepting new letters up until Saturday, May 10th, if you'd like to write a letter to the special Babyloss Mother in your life.
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To Marie Knutt, Mother to Connor
(Submitted by Diana Frazier)

Dearest Marie,
You are a strong, beautiful, generous mother. What a gift you gave Connor, to be able to see life and to feel love, be loved, and give love. He was an incredible warrior, overcoming the odds since he took his first breath. Your love for him and Ryan is a testament to your inner beauty and strength. You are so very loved. Connor will be always be remembered.

To RaeAnne Fredrickson, Mother to Samuel Evan
(Submitted by Christen Richardson)

I have never met you but my heart goes out to you, I know that Samuel has a great family, some already in heaven and some on earth left to carry his name and memories. Stay strong Mama, you are making a difference and your Son is so proud of you!

To Dawn McNeese, Mother to Abigail
(Submitted by Marilee Kelhoffer)

I remember your sweet Abigail daily. I can never thank you enough for letting me meet her and hold her beautiful little body. Your strength amazes me. You constantly push yourself to be present for the rest of your children, though I know at times your grief overwhelms you. I will never fully understand what the loss of Abigail has done to you, but I will continue to try.

All my love,

To Serena McLaughlin, Mother to Noah
(Submitted by Maryann Brown)

You are the most amazing person I know. What a wonderful mommy sweet Noah has, and as he shines down on you from heaven, I know he loves you and is so proud of his Mommy! Moment by moment sweet one!
Mary Ann

To Crystal Holes, Mother to Aedyn Christopher and Peanut
(Submitted by Nicole Goulette)

You are such a beautiful person. I could not imagine having walked this journey without you there. As we continue to mother our children from far away, I pray we always stay connected and hope you know I'm always here for you.

Nicky G

To Amanda Vitko, Mother to Charlotte Rae
(Submitted by Molly Binns Handelsman)

Amanda you are the most amazing and courageous mother that I know. I admire your resilience and strength this past year and want you to know how much you are loved. I don’t know how you are able to carry on every day, but you do and you do it with grace. You are the absolute best mother to all 3 of your children and you should never forget that. I love you more than words can express and I will always love my beautiful niece Charlotte Rae. I will carry her with me forever and always.


To Chenelle Hastings, Mother to Jude
(Submitted by Rickee Slezak)

I met her through a cloth diaper group. When my full term (42w5d) baby passed away suddenly during labor, she reached out to me and shared her own healing process. Her sweet son is named Jude. He really has took a sad song and made it better, and I love her beautiful soul, and Jude. 

To Kristina Preece, A Special Mother
(Submitted by Danielle Masanto)

You're a beautiful Wife, Friend, and Mother.


To Jaclyn Spicknall Petersen, Mother to Jonas Russell
(Submitted by Leslie Bennett Spicknall)

To our wonderful daughter who gave birth to our tiny angel Jonas Russell. We celebrate you Jac, and the Mommy that you are, and we're so proud of your bravery and determination after losing Jonas, you risked so much, and our gift of Andrew the result. I always knew that God's plan would be fulfilled for our Peties, not an easy road, but exactly as it should be. Jonas life was a gift to us, he taught us to love in a much deeper way than we knew was possible before.

Happy Mother's Day

Momma and Daddy-O

To Tanya Loewen-Watson, Mother to Zariah Dawn and Ganya Lilly
(Submitted by Audrey Unger)

I think of you often and know that the pain of losing your daughters is unbearable. You are in my prayers.

Tanya you are amazing with incredible strength! You have a beautiful smile and a delightful sense of humour. The obvious delight you take in your children is wonderful. I admire the way you celebrated your daughter's lives while you carried them in your womb and in the all too brief moments you held them in your arms. It takes a strong person to do all that you do each day.

Mother's Day is a hard day. It's hard to see other happy Mothers celebrating with their loved ones when you are missing Zariah and Ganya so desperately. So I'm sending you an extra special hug today, honouring you as a mother of five beautiful children. Thank you for being you!

Love Audrey
~  ~  ~

Remember, we'll be posting letters all week long, so be sure to check back every day to read more!


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