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Honoring Babyloss Mothers Project - Day Seven

It's Day Seven of our project! Did you read the letters from Day Six?

For this project, we'll be posting notes and letters to babyloss mothers, written by the friends and family who love them. Learn about it HERE. Each day, we'll be posting more of the letters we received for these beautiful mamas.
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To Kristina Peterson, Mother of Layla Esther
(Submitted by Jana Heidebrecht)

Dear Kristina,
You are an outstanding mom. When you carried sweet Layla it was humbling to watch how you treasured each moment. You never took one moment for granted and you still don't. I know you don't feel like you are, but you are one of the strongest woman I know. You live up to your middle name Love. You have loved all your babies with your all. You gave Layla the best during her short time on earth. You were and still are Layla's voice and we got to love her and still do because you shared her personality, her likes and dislikes with us. We love you so much!


To Kristina Preece, Mother to Stella
(Submitted by Jaime Gee)

Kristina Preece is an amazing, strong, beautiful and loving mother of little Stella, who left this world very suddenly a few months ago. Her strength and courage continues to inspire me and we all know Stella is still with her, and all of us in a new and different capacity now. One of the things Kristina has made clear, is that she wants everyone to continue talking about Stella, by thinking about and sharing what she would be doing, things she's done, and everything in between. Stella will always be in our hearts, but with this request, and Kristina continuing to demonstrate what an amazing mother she is, Stella will also continue to be in our conversations.

Happy Mother's Day, Kristina!

To Dana Sue Thompson, Mother to Tristan
(Submitted by Debra Leach)

My sweet daughter Dana Sue Thompson. I love you so much and I want you to know how amazing a mother you are to Elex and to your sweet angle Tristan. You loving and caring for Tristan while you carried him was beautiful. I love the fact that you talked to him, sang, rocked and read to him almost everyday.

Love you!

To Nati Garcia, Mother to Twin Boys
(Submitted by Rosalinda Macias)

My dear sister in law, my best friend.... You have been a light on my path of grief. You suffered such a huge loss when you lost your boys and you were still able to be there for me when I lost my babies. Your an amazing mother not only to the children you have here with you to raise but also to your angels. You speak of them so often that there is never a chance of forgetting them. They are with you every single day and I think of them everyday as well. Every year you go to the beach to honor their lives and their death and you do this with so much strength and grace I only hope one day to be as strong as you are. Your angels are exactly that YOUR angels and they are with our loved ones and their cousins watching over us. I'm so proud to call you my sister everyday I love you Nati and I love your boys and one day we will all be together.

To Kelly Rae, Mother to Asher
(Submitted by Dorothy Fernandez)

Dear Kelly,

On this mother's day, I would like to honor you. Your beautiful son, Asher, is looking down on you from heaven. You are such an amazing and strong woman. Although we have never met, I feel you are one of the few people I look to for strength and inspiration. Your son was conceived under such difficult circumstances. But that did not stop you from moving forward and fighting to give your Asher a good life. You were young and all alone and scared but you didn't give up. You suffered such a terrible loss but you used that to help others. Your beauty and strength shines in your beautiful daughter. I'm so happy you have your earth baby. You have so much love to give and I'm glad you have been able to share it with your daughter and granddaughter. Thank you for being such an amazing friend and inspiration. On this mother's day, I will be thinking of you and Asher. And I know he is looking at you from heaven and he is so proud of you. Happy mother's day Kelly Rae.

To Stephanie Erdman, Mother to Levi and Baby A
(Submitted by Larissa Genat)

Dear Stephanie,
You are such a beautiful mother and I wanted you to know that I'm thinking of you this Mother's Day. I'm so glad you have your girl with you but I know there is no one who can fill the Levi shaped hole. You are such a blessing to me and I hope Mother's Day is gentle and peaceful.
With love, Larissa

To Tash Foote, Mother to Hugo, Star and Sprout
(Submitted by Larissa Genat)

Dear Tash, you are one of the loveliest mamas I have ever known. You love for your babies shines in everything you do and I'm so sure they would be proud of all you do in their memory. You are an inspiration! Happy Mother's Day, from your precious Hugo, Star and Sprout (and me!)
With love, Larissa

To Special Mothers of Babies Lost to SIDS
(Submitted by Samantha Harmon Lovins, Mother to Owen)

My message would be to all my fellow SIDS Moms especially Heather Kiegel mother to Gwyneth, Melissa Ross mother to Isaiah, Michelle Lofton mother to Caleb and Amanda Hester mother to Jace. Without the continued support of these beautiful women these years since I lost our precious son Owen to SIDS I don't know where I would be. I've learned two things since that horrible Christmas Eve, that like speaks to like and that our angels may be gone but they will never be forgotten.

To Marie Knutt, Mother to Connor
(Submitted by Diana Frazier)

Dearest Marie,
You are a strong, beautiful, generous mother. What a gift you gave Connor, to be able to see life and to feel love, be loved, and give love. He was an incredible warrior, overcoming the odds since he took his first breath. Your love for him and Ryan is a testament to your inner beauty and strength. You are so very loved. Connor will always be remembered.

To Jamie Brown, Mother to Joey
(Submitted by Mellisa Higgins)

I had the pleasure of spending one weekend with Joey and Jamie. Although we had never met in person before, I immediately felt a strong bond with Jamie and we became immediate friends. I got to witness the unconditional love that Jamie has for Joey and was able to fall in love with him as soon as I saw him. Jamie never got frustrated when Joey cried, never showed anything but love and adoration to him. Going through airport security with a child with a feeding tube and a running pump was horrendous but Jamie kept her cool and did what was best for her son. The true love I witnessed that weekend will stay with me forever and i am honored that i was able to meet such an amazing little boy before he became an Angel. I love you Jamie, Happy Mothers Day to one of the greatest mom's I have ever known and will ever know. You and Joey will forever be in my heart and I am proud to call you my friend.

~  ~  ~

Tomorrow is the last day for these beautiful letters! Be sure to come back tomorrow to read the rest.  


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