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Honoring Babyloss Mothers Project - Day Four

It's Day Four of our project! Did you read the letters from Day Three?

For this project, we'll be posting notes and letters to babyloss mothers, written by the friends and family who love them. Learn about it HERE. Each day, we'll be posting more of the letters we received for these beautiful mamas.

We will be accepting new letters up until Saturday, May 10th, if you'd like to write a letter to the special Babyloss Mother in your life.
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To Ashley Nugent Charfauros, Mother to Noelle
(Submitted by Saundra Floto Nugent)

A mother has never been more proud of her daughter then I am of you. There are no words to explain how amazed I have been with your strength, courage and unconditional love for Noelle. No mother should ever have to say goodbye to her child before she is born. You spent months saying goodbye and I know there was nothing anyone could do to change God’s path for you or Noelle. But, to the depths of my soul, I believe that you were the most perfect mother Noelle could ever have had (and still has). In her 9 months and 53 days she knew more love then most of us will ever know. You were able to put Noelle before you and allowed her to finish her time with us during a peaceful and beautiful moment. You were the first to feel her, to hold her and you were also the last. What a beautiful gift to be able to love someone for their entire lives and to know only love. I believe Noelle will always be with us and that you gave her the chance to touch so many lives is her short time with us on Earth. You are truly the most selfless person I know and I am so proud to call you my daughter.
She is always with us.
Love, Mom
Noelle and Emmie’s Oma

To Tracy Owen, Mother to Catelyn Anna
(Submitted by Deonna Lemasters Poole)

I want to tell you what an amazing mother you are. I love that you keep Catelyn alive by sharing your favorite photos and videos of her on Facebook and writing about her and your journey through her loss on your blog. You are such an inspiration to me and so many other people. I know Catelyn isn’t here physically to celebrate with you, but she will always be with you in spirit and you will always be her amazing mother and you deserve to be celebrated today.
Love your friend and fellow bereaved mother,

To Jillian Pedrick Ryan, Mother to Isabelle Ryan
(Submitted by Tammy Pedrick Rood)

I would like to honor my sister, Jillian. The loss of her daughter, Isabelle Ryan hit our family hard. I don't think I will ever forget that moment when she called me to tell us that Isabelle was gone. As her big sister, I wanted to go in and protect her from the pain & hurt, but I couldn't. During the last 11 months, I have seen my sister go through the stages of grief and it hurt to see her hurt and not be able to do anything but stand by and support all of her choices and decisions as she moved through. I admire her for the strength she she's shown and that is why I want to honor her this Mother's Day.
Love you sis!

To Kelli Marie Barclay, Mother to Her Special Angel
(Submitted by Danielle Meyers)

I wanted to write to my friend Kelli Marie Barclay for the bereaved Mother's Day! After wanting a baby so desperately she sadly miscarried a few months ago.... We were all devastated but she kept her faith and was so strong through a major storm in her life! Even though she never got to meet her baby or even get the chance to know the gender a mother’s love is timeless and unconditional! The most amazing thing is she knows God has a plan for her and she is a Mother worth recognizing! I am so proud of her and her strength is commendable! I hope she knows what an amazing Mother she will be when blessed with the opportunity again!
Love always, Bella

To Amanda Garcia de Paredes, Mother to Juliana Violet
(Submitted by Nicole Little)

Amanda Garcia de Paredes: beautiful Mother of precious angel Juliana Violet and the strongest woman I know; loyal and steadfast friend, who knows all there is to know about me and still loves me anyways, dearest Godmother to my own little one, an all-around AMAZING person. The way that you have honored Juliana’s life, the way you are making felt her mark on the world. I am humbled in the presence of your fierce mother-love. We may not be close in distance but you, Agustin and Juliana - I hold you all within my heart and I thank you for the gift of your friendship, and the gift of Juliana. I hope I can be half the Mother that you are.

To Susan Simpson, Mother to Alex and Eilidh Beth
(Submitted by Annette Michelle)

First of all let me say thank you for giving the opportunity to honor these beautiful, courageous mothers and their children in such a special way! As a mother and a loss mother myself I know what a treasure it is to not only be remembered and honored ourself on these special days, but also to have the lives of our children remembered and honored. There are so many beautiful, amazing moms I could write this about today... But the one that I've chosen is so very special and dear to my heart as not only is she an amazing mother to her two living daughters and her to heavenly daughters but she is also an amazing friend to me... Her name is Susan Simpson. She is the mother of Charis who is a bright, talented 9 year old, Alex whom was miscarried in July of 2007, Niamh who is a bright eyed full of energy 5 year old, better known as the wee wild child J ,and Eilidh Beth who was stillborn in September of 2010. This mom just less than a month after leaving the hospital without her beautiful 8lb baby girl in her arms decided she needed to do something to reach out to others touched by such heart wrenching grief. With that she contacted the charity in her area, SiMBA who are dedicated to responding to the needs of those affected by the loss of a baby. Soon after that first meeting she began working with this charity in providing memory boxes to the maternity wards at area hospitals, providing and facilitating monthly support groups, helping raise funds for updated and furnished family rooms on the wards, cold cots to extend the time families can spend with their babies and having the tree of tranquility erected in the beautiful Floral Hall in Inverness. This tree is a place where family's can have copper leaves engraved with their baby's names and a little message and attached to the tree in their honor. Such a gift to bereaved families. At this location last year she also organized the first annual butterfly release for the families. It was an amazing and beautiful way to honor and remember the lives of their heavenly babies. And this year it has grown to many locations across the area to be able to reach many more families. Just this spring she was surprised at their annual Cinderella ball to be bestowed the honor and privilege of the title of Highland Ambassador for SiMBA. She has allowed the short but oh so significant lives of Alex and Eilidh Beth to light her way to helping and impacting the lives of others in more ways than she could have ever imagined and will likely ever know. She tells her story openly and courageously in hopes that no other mother will ever feel alone on this rugged journey. And each time she does the legacy of Alex and Eilidh Beth lives on and grows stronger. You are one of the most beautiful mothers I have ever known my dear friend and I want you to know how much you mean to so many... So today I honor you! Today I honor and remember Alex and Eilidh Beth. Today I hope to shine a little of their light here.

 The first collage is for her heavenly girls the second is her family here,
 and the tree of tranquility and it's leaves!
 ~  ~  ~

Remember, we'll be posting letters all week long, so be sure to check back every day to read more!


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