Sunday, May 4, 2014

Honoring Babyloss Mothers Project - Day One

Today is Day One of our project! It's also International Bereaved Mother's Day. If you know a mother whose child died, please take the time today to let her know she's LOVED and her baby is MISSED.

For this project, we'll be posting notes and letters to babyloss mothers, written by the friends and family who love them. Learn about it HERE. Each day, we'll be posting more of the letters we received for these beautiful mamas.

To Lisa Vanskike, Mother to Gloria Grace 
(Submitted by Shannon Jones Douglas) 

I wanted you to know I think you are truly the world's best mother. Even before you found out Gloria was sick you did everything possible to give her the best start. After her diagnosis you did so much research, asked so many questions, and ALWAYS held out hope for your baby girl. You didn't listen to negative comments from hospital staff, you knew she was a fighter. You made sure Gloria felt love every single moment that you had with her. When Gloria did come she DID defy the odds. You made sure her time here on earth was the most it could be. After she passed you continued to stay strong for her and plan a beautiful service. And now you still are the best mother as you insure that her memory lives on. I am so grateful and honored to be your sister. You are amazing. I love you!

To Alix Hopper, Mother to Cyrus Kal El
(Submitted by Sherri Hopper) 

Dear sweet Ali, 
You have my utmost admiration, respect & unconditional love. You have become a hero to me because of the spiritual strength you have demonstrated through the fatal diagnosis, birth & death of our beloved Cyrus... Far more than me! I continue to question while you stand firm. Though you are not my daughter by birth, you are an amazing & cherished daughter-in-law! I love you! 

Sherri (MIL)

To Suzie Moore, Mother to Connor
(Submitted by Amy Smith Kusmer) 

Suzie, you are such a strong woman and I want you to know how much you mean to me. You and I have such a special bond and it is all because of our angels. I can talk to you about how I feel anytime and I know you will listen and never judge me. As we have said many times, I'm sorry for the reason why we met, but I am so glad we did. Thank you for being you and someone I can call me true friend! 
I love you,
To Tara Gowen Fricano, Mother to Ian
(Submitted by Jessica Russo (and Family)) 

Dear Tara,
My sweet friend I think if you daily and know there is a silent struggle within you. I walk with you half way across the country in spirit everyday. Today I want to honor you and Ian’s life. You are one of the strongest types of moms and you smile for lily and Devin even when you feel you can’t. Mothers day shouldn't be sad please be proud to have been the best mom to Ian ever. Your little boy lives within your heart and you both are always in mine <3 <3
. may your heart be filled with comfort and love today and every day. I wish we were closer. 
<3 Ian Fricano <3
5/10/12 ~ 3/19/13 


To Devon Hernandez, Mother to Asher
(submitted by Sara Crill)

I would like to honor Devon Hernandez. She lost her beautiful baby boy this time last year. Her heart is so broken and I pray for peace for her. I wish there was something I could do to take the pain away. Little Asher made her a mother and she should be honored for her bravery and strength during Asher's long waited conception, difficult pregnancy, too early birth, and sadly his heart breaking death. She stays strong on the outside even though she still actively grieves on the inside. Devon is a strong woman and mother and does so much for everyone around her. I adore her and admire her for her charm and wit. She is beautiful and charismatic and people are drawn to her. She is spectacular and deserves to be happy. I know this will be a very difficult Mother's Day for her and I wish her peace in remembrance of the day that she held her sweet baby Asher one year ago.

To Shontel Dobner, Mother to Jordan Ali
(Submitted by Meghan Foley)

Shontel is my stepdaughter who lost her little angel Jordan Ali Dobner on March 18 2013. Shontel and Brad found out that Jordan was not going to survive in December 2012. Shontel said if the only life Jordan was going to know in her belly than she was going to give him every chance and not cut Jordan's life short. I am so honored to know this woman. Shontel is an awesome mom she has a little boy named Kobe and he would always tell us that Jordan was going to be an angel in heaven when he was born. Happy Mother's Day From your Little Angel Jordan. Shontel I admire you everyday for your strength!

 I love you,

 ~  ~  ~

Remember, we'll be posting letters all week long, so be sure to check back every day to read more! 


Crystal Beason said...

These letters have brought me to tears. The love and compasion are truely beautiful. May God be with each and every mommy on this day and all days.

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