Make the Most of Your Time

This will be a growing list, but for starters, here are some ways to make the most of your pregnancy.

~Get a 3-D ultrasound for a sneak-peak of your precious baby.

~Make a casting of your belly.

~Have a pregnancy photo shoot.

~Take home movies of your belly. (We took one of daddy reading to Samuel<3)

~Eat your baby's favorite foods and journal about their reaction. (Samuel LOVED hamburgers.)

~Create a blog or journal of your time.

~Pick a scent that reminds you of your baby and use it often (A candle or essential oils.) Later, this scent will help you remember your time together.

~Pick a special song to sing to your baby. Again, this will be a special memory later.

~Plant a tree or special plant for your baby. It will be a lasting reminder of your time together. 

What are some of your ideas? What ways do (did) you make the most of your time?


Naomi said...

I would maybe add recording the heartbeat!

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