Saturday, June 14, 2014

Honoring Loss Dads this Father's Day

This Father's Day weekend, we honor the awesome daddies who did all they could for their babies. 

If you would like to honor the special loss-daddy in your life, we'd love to hear about him! Maybe he's your husband, maybe he's your son, maybe he's your friend, cousin, uncle, or grandpa! Simply comment below with your note to the daddy you'd like to honor. It can be a few words or a full letter, whatever you'd like.   

If he's a father whose child is being carried after receiving a fatal diagnosis, we'd like to honor him with you. If he's a father who has to live without one or more of his children, we'd like to honor him with you. 

We wish all the amazing daddies of the world a very peaceful and gentle Father's Day weekend as they celebrate their fatherhood, while remembering the precious babies who are missing from their arms. 

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Our first letter is for Bryan Fredrickson

All That Love Can Do was created in memory of our son, Samuel Evan Fredrickson. The following was written by Samuel's Grampa, Dave Carlson. 

My Super Hero!

The first definition of hero is: a remarkably brave person: somebody who commits an act of remarkable bravery or who has shown an admirable quality such as great courage or strength of character; If that is true than I have a super hero. His name is Bryan. Bryan is my son-in-law and he embodies every bit of this definition. Bryan loved a little boy so much that he exhibited courage of the highest degree to me and the rest of the world. Bryan took the hard road and chose life for my grandson Samuel. Bryan absolutely did All That Love Can Do for his son. This is what a father’s heart looks like and I watched it being demonstrated throughout Samuel’s entire life; 35 weeks in the womb and many hours after his birth. 

I continued to witness the tenderness and gentleness and deep, deep love you felt for him as you bathed him and dressed him and held him in your arms for hours. You have continued to love and honor Samuel’s legacy over the two years since Samuel has gone to heaven. 

Bryan, this Father’s Day and every day, I honor you. You fought the good fight, you did everything right. I am so proud of you! 

Samuel’s Grandpa

*To read more about Bryan's time with Samuel, read The Memory Keeper

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Father's Day Giveaway {Winner!}

This giveaway is now CLOSED. We have a winner!

DonnaLinn, on behalf of your husband Darrell: you've been selected by as our winner!
Please contact All That Love Can Do on Facebook within 24 hours to claim your book.

Even if you didn't win this giveaway, we still want to honor all the amazing daddies who did all they could for their babies. We wish them all a peaceful Father's Day this Sunday <3.

~ ~ ~

This giveaway is for any father who has suffered the death of his child, or the father of a baby who is currently being carried despite a fatal diagnosis.

Let's show these very special dads how much we love and appreciate them this Father's Day.

Because they are still fathers...
Because they grieve...
Because they are loving and missing their babies...
Because we want to recognize all they do...

We honor them.

Enter to win a FREE copy of the book, Grieving Dads: To the Brink and Back.

Grieving Dads: To the Brink and Back is a collection of candid stories from grieving dads that were interviewed over a two year period. The book offers insight from fellow members of, in the haunting words of one dad, “this terrible, terrible club,” which consists of men who have experienced the death of a child. This book is a collection of survival stories by men who have survived the worst possible loss and lived to tell the tale. They are real stories that pull no punches and are told with brutal honesty. Men that have shared their deepest and darkest moments. Moments that included thoughts of suicide, self-medication and homelessness. Some of these men have found their way back from the brink while others are still standing there, stuck in their pain. The core message of Grieving Dads is “you’re not alone.” It is a message that desperately needs to be delivered to grieving dads who often grieve in silence due to society’s expectations.

To enter:
1. Like All That Love Can Do on Facebook.
2. Comment below. If you're the loss dad, say so, if you're entering for the loss dad, telling us about the amazing loss dad in your life*. Why is he the BEST DADDY you know?
3. Tell us about the special baby(ies) you are/he is missing this year, or loving while being Carried to Birth.

*Anyone may enter on his behalf, but the book must go to the father.

Be sure to share this post with family and friends so they can also enter for you!

The winner will be chosen on Thursday, June 12th and announced on this blog.
He will have 24 hours to claim his prize.

Good luck!
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