Friday, February 14, 2014

Love Letters: Waylon, Addison, and Ethan

Letter to Waylon, by Amanda Schaefer

Roses are red, violets are blue... Words cannot express how much I miss you. 
<3 Waylon <3

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

Letter to Addison, by Jessica Green

Addison, sweet baby girl... there's so much I want to tell you, show you, experience with you. I thought I knew love and then I met you. You're the highest form, everything you are embodies love for me. I'm struggling without you, but that love keeps me going. You keep me together when the pain of losing you is tearing me apart. I'm so proud you're my daughter, you fought so hard to meet us. Your daddy just glowed looking at you all wrapped up and perfect. So many people love you, we carry you in our hearts everyday sweet angel. Mommy loves you. Mommy loves you more than words can ever do justice. If I could fill a jar with kisses and send it to heaven for you, I'd need all the jars in the world. I hope you like the glass flowers I got for your first Valentines as an angel, they were so pretty, reminded me of you my beautiful butterfly baby. I know heaven is beautiful because you're there, but I'm selfish and I'd give anything to have you here just a moment longer. So instead I'm sending my Valentine's to the sky, hoping you feel my love for you as much as I do. I love you so much Addie, you're forever my sunshine!

Love, mommy
Addison Quinn Russell. January 11th, 2014

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

Letter to Ethan, by Terri Jenkins

Dear sweet Ethan,
I am thinking about you a lot this Valentine's. I know you already know this but we all love you so much! We carry you in our heart. 

Happy Valentine's Day baby! 

Love Letters: Gloria, Janessa, Hope, and Jason

Letter to Gloria, by Lisa VanSkike
Dear Gloria,
It has been almost six months since we said goodbye to you. Six months of learning how to keep going without you. Six months of heartbreak. I have thought of you each day for six months and wondered what we would be doing together if you had lived. 

We would be making something for your daddy's birthday this week. I would be bundling you up snuggly warm and taking you to visit friends and family. Your blonde hair would be so long by now that I could probably style it. Lemon and Story would be your buddies and they would be all over you, licking your face, playing with you on the floor, and watching over you protectively.
You would be six months old, Gloria. Giggly, happy, rosy cheeked, and I'm sure a handful.

I'm writing this letter to you for Valentine's Day. The day we celebrate love of all kinds. I will always remember the first time we heard your heartbeat was on Valentine's Day last year. Hearing your heart was the best gift I've ever received. It was so strong, so loud, and so clear. The midwife took one look at the number on the screen and exclaimed her guess, "its a girl!" I smiled and said I hoped so.

Life is hard without you. There is no way around that. I miss you more than I can express. I wish I could just hold and kiss you one more time. Its been six months without you and that hurts right now but I know in the long run I'm really just six months closer to being reunited with you for eternity.
Some days I can find beauty in this new world, this world without you. Being the mother of an angel has some beautiful moments. I have the closest connection to heaven that is possible simply because you are there. I see the signs you send me. The butterflies, the rainbows, the shooting stars, the dreams, the little love notes and I know you are where you are supposed to be. Some days though, it is pure hell. I would never choose this for us. I want you back. Why did this have to happen to my perfect baby?

 Most days I experience both the beauty and the pain of being your mother. The two of us have the ultimate love story in some ways, don't we? Our love is eternal and it stretches across the realms. The purest, deepest kind of love separated by the thinnest of veils, the veil between heaven and earth. I can receive signs through the veil, sometimes even feel you, if I look hard enough I can see you, but I can't be with you.
In six months things have changed. It is hard watching people go on with their lives. How can they when a person so beautiful is gone? But they do and your dad and I have to keep going too. We want to keep going so that we can spread your love and light. We have so many special ideas coming up for things to do to remember you, Gloria. They will be how you live on earth and how everyone will know how much we love you still. We hope they will make you proud of us.

We are still searching for answers and asking questions about why you were so sick. We've learned you were sicker than anybody had even guessed and yet you did so much better than they predicted. Because of that Gloria, doctors all over the country are helping us, doctors all over the United States are learning about you and I think that is amazing. I am always in awe of you and always so proud of you.
While we are looking for answers you are celebrating in heaven. You have all the answers to everything in creation and I find comfort in that. I think you might have been born with all the answers though when I think about how calm, brave, and strong your spirit felt.
In six more months I don't know what will be happening. One of the biggest lessons that loosing you has taught me is that you can't plan life. Life just happens. I do know though that I will still be missing your sweet face and missing your presence in our lives. I do hope that I will be able to tell you that I found more of your gifts, your signs, our love notes. In six months I will be another six months closer to being with you again. I love you so much Gloria Grace and until that day comes I will do my best for you and for our love. My heart will keep beating for you.
your mommy

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 
Letter to Janessa, Hope and Jason, by Shauna Cox
Dear Janessa, Hope, and Jason, 
You took a piece of my heart with you and all three of you will always be in my heart so we all have a piece of each other. I miss all of you so much!! I can't wait until we get to see each other again. You are Loved 4 Ever!! Happy Valentines Day my little Angels. :`) <3 <3 <3
Love, Mommy  

Love Letters: Samuel Evan Fredrickson

All That Love Can Do was created in memory of our son, Samuel Evan Fredrickson. These are the letters from our family to our special little love. You can read Samuel's story at The Love We Carry.

Letter to Samuel, by his Grampa, Dave Carlson

There are so many things I would love to show you and tell you about. I wish you were here so I could. But I have a feeling you have far more to look at and tell me about. When I get there you can show me around. We can take our time because we have forever. 

I love you, 
Grandpa Carlson

Holding Grampa's hand, Samuel Evan April 14th, 2012

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

Letter to Samuel, by his Grama, MaryJo Carlson


Earth’s words are not enough to share the love I feel for you. My love for you is deeper than any I have ever known before. You know that every day I send a love letter to you so this is nothing new. Each letter comes from deep inside my heart straight up to you. My mind runs wild with thoughts of when we are finally together forever. Oh what fun we will have then; Samuel and Grama. I am certain it will seem like we were never apart. I will know you in an instant and all my tears and sadness will finally be worth it all.  Until then I will still long to hold you and hug you, kiss you and snuggle up close and long for all that went away the day you left this place.  Until we meet again a hundred thousand kisses blown into the sky for you.

Grama loves you snuggle bunny!

Samuel Evan, April 14th, 2012

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

You can read Samuel's letters from his mama and daddy HERE.

Love Letters: Bruce, Mackenzie, Bethany and Talon

Letter to Bruce, by Maria LoPiccolo

Dear Bruce,
Happy Valentine's Day to the person that fills my heart -- YOU! This isn't your first Valentine's Day. By this time last year, you were growing inside me and our lives were already inseparable. I held you in my womb for nine months, and your little body in my arms for a few hours, but I will hold you in my heart forever. You are more precious than life to me. I love you infinitely and eternally, my son. Please, always remember this.

With deepest love, 
Your Mommy

Bruce Gasca LoPiccolo 9-20-2013 to 9-23-2013

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

A letter to Mackenzie, by Laura Seeger

To our beautiful daughter Mackenzie, 
We want you to know how special you are to us. We have loved you since before we knew we were having you. We will love you forever and a day. Not a day goes by that we don’t think about you and how much we love you. We know that you are spending Valentines Day with Jesus. Dance and sing with him! You have spread your love on Earth and now spread your love in Heaven. Daddy and I love you.

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

A letter to Bethany, by her Grandma, Dianne Zapotichny
My dearest Bethany, 
Grandma and Papa want to tell yo how much we find ourselves loving you more everyday. We miss you beyond words and not being able to hold you and kiss your precious cheeks, breaks our hearts. I know I cannot hold you or bounce you on my knee. But only have to close my eyes your little face I see forever in our hearts.

grandma and papa xoxo

 Bethany Cadence, 10-24-11 to 08-27-12

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Letter to Talon, by his Nani, Casandra Flores-Jackson
Dear Talon, 
Nani wants you to know that I miss you and love you SO very much. Words cannot express the emptiness I feel because you are not here with us. I think of you EVERY DAY. I also truly feel your presence around me. Every time my wind chime sounds I hear you saying, "Good morning/night Nani, I love you!" I see you in your sisters eyes, and I feel you deep within my heart and soul. I hope you are dancing in the sky, my precious Grandson! Happy Valentine's Day Sweetie! I LOVE YOU!


Love Letters: Jacob, Aron, Denali and Gracie

Letter to Jacob, by Corina Brown 
Dear Jacob,
This is mommy I wish so much that you were here. It is Valentine's Day today and wish more than anything that you were here. You are in my heart and will always be my little Valentine. Just remember Jacob mommy loves you and will forever.

Love you, mommy

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

Letter to Aron, by Becca Jevons

My beloved boy,
I love you. It's been 17 long months since you left me and I have thought about you and longed for you every single one of the days that you have been gone, and I will continue to do so for the rest of my life.

If I had one wish, it would be for a day with you. I'd want a lifetime, but I would take a day. I wish we'd been given a day. I would hold you so close and tell you how much I love you. I would kiss you all over and take in every inch of your perfect face. We would cuddle and play and sing and laugh and it would be perfect. I wish we'd had just one day.

But we can't have time. Not even one day. And so I remember you and love you in the only way I know how. Although you are gone, I know you are near me. You are in every candle that I light, in every rainbow that I see and in every lullaby that I sing.

I love you so much. You'll never know how much I love you. The depth of love that a mother feels for her child is so much greater than every other love. You gave me that. My first child. We didn't even get a day yet you taught me so much.

Words escape me. I love you. That's all. I just really love you, and I always will.

Happy valentines day, my first true love.

Your Mama.

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 
Letter to Denali, by Stacey Maddox
Dear Denali,
Happy First Valentine's Day, sweetheart, and Happy Seven Week Birthday! I can't believe it's been seven weeks since you were here! Daddy and I miss you so much! This is our first holiday without you. Valentine's Day is a day to celebrate love and I wish you could be here to celebrate with us. We will be celebrating you and our love anyway! I saw a card that said "Baby Girl's First Valentine's Day" and it made me think about what you would be like if you were still here with us. I think about that a lot, actually. We love you so much and think and talk about you every day! 

I saw your mountain last week. Usually it's too cloudy to see, but that day the clouds opened up and I could see it from miles and miles away! It was incredible! It reminded me of you. You were so beautiful and strong and amazing, just like your mountain! You took everyone's breath away!
I realized that I'm very lonely now. You and I had such a good time together and you were always with me! I miss listening to music with you and I miss singing to you. I miss how you used to move around and kick me! Your cousin pointed out that you had big feet and we laughed about it because I already knew! I miss our talks. The other day I saw some pretty flowers and I started to tell you about them and I forgot that you weren't here. I miss you so much, sweet girl! My life will never be the same because of you.

I'm always looking forward to the day I will see you again!


~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Letter to Gracie, by Ashley Carlton 
My Dear Gracie,

My sweet baby girl I love you so. You are the light of my life, I want you to know. Not a day goes by that I don’t wish you were here to hear me say, “I love you sweetie girl,” please stay. You will live in my heart forever, and I know I am in yours. I feel like a part of me is missing now that you are not near. That part of my heart is in your heart and I know I made it whole. It was what you needed, yet still somehow it doesn’t seem even. For as your Mommy I long to give you lots of kisses every day. It should never have to be any other way.

Come back to Mommy one day soon, and show me that you are near. Prove to me that all my thoughts are heard loud and clear. A rainbow to show me that you are safe, the gentle light that shines just right. Maybe a thought inside my head that tells me “Mommy I am happy.” We are a family missing you as our extra piece. Daddy loves you so much and, I can see it in his eyes. Your sister misses you and that she never got to play. She only knows her little sister has gone away. One day I hope you will live on in a blessing from above. In an addition to our family that we pray will bring healing. Sometime I wonder if you get that feeling. Until then, we will always love you each day and night. For though we are apart, our love for you will forever live in our hearts.

Love with every fiber of my being,


Love Letters: Jack, Oliver, Scarlet, and Cyrus

Letter to Jack and Oliver, by Emma Chainey  

To my darling jack and Oliver, 
I remember the day I found out I was pregnant, It was the day daddy and I came home from our holiday in Majorca. I'd known it before really, when I was lying in the sun and swimming in the sea I knew you were inside me. I loved you from the very start. I didn't mind feeling sick, it only made me glad that I knew you were growing. On the day of our first scan I was so nervous, I just wanted to know that you were ok. I couldn't wait to see you on the screen and take home our first pictures of you. On the way to the hospital daddy said he thought there were two of you. I joked about what a nightmare twins would be but daddy was convinced. When we were looking at you on the screen daddy was the first to spot both of you. I laughed hysterically but straight away I was so glad that there were two of you. I dreamt about your first steps, your secret little twin codes and knew I was the luckiest mummy in the whole world. As the weeks passed and my tummy grew I became more and more excited, I imagined your dark curly hair and your beautiful skin. Daddy was excited about the toys you would play with together. We were so happy. We had scans every two weeks and because you were identical twins and very special, the doctors kept a close eye on us and we had beautiful 3d scans and could see your perfect little faces. Jack you were always kicking your brother and hiding him from the camera. It was at the twenty week scan that we found out that you were boys. I started to dream about your little outfits and your nursery. Ollie, I think you would have been a laid back little dude, you liked to relax like mummy and only kicked when I asked you to. Jack you were always moving, doing somersaults and keeping mummy awake, I knew you would be a little handful. When you were still so little at 23 weeks you came in to the world, so little and perfect. You had my mouth and daddies nose. You had beautiful dark hair, every part of you was perfect. Jack, your daddy held you and Oliver you were in my arms as you fell asleep forever. Ollie I will never forget lifting your little arm up so the nurse could check your heart beat. You hung on to life and didn't give up easy. My little fighters that I love so much, you took part of me with you that day. Every fibre of me longs to hold you and protect you. I wish I could have protected you that day. You are both the most perfect thing I ever made in my life and I love you more than you can ever imagine.

All my love, 
your broken mummy xxxx
 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

A letter to Scarlet, by her Nana - Tammy Lindsey

My dearest tiny angel Scarlet,
How I miss you so. God allowed us to witness the miracle of your birth and blessed us with 59+ hours to love and cherish you and to make lasting memories. Your momma was so brave to do all that she could do to make your entrance into this world and you made her and all of your family so proud of how strong and beautiful you were. I know that you are dancing on clouds in the presence of those loved one that had gone on before you & welcomed you to heaven with loving arms.
Your nana loves you and will always remember those hours during your first night that it was you & I, sharing our special time together.
Till we see you again


 Scarlet Raven McMillan 8/20-8/22/13

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

A letter to Cyrus, by Alex Hopper

Dear Cyrus, 
There are no adequate words to describe just how much I miss you. I never knew I could love in this way. You have expanded my heart to a capacity I never thought possible. This past year has been such a roller coaster of emotion, from great joy to deep sorrow. It has not been easy, in fact it has been the most difficult year of my life to date. But I do know this, I would easily do it all over again. To see your sweet face, to hold your tiny hand in mine, and to have you in my arms. I would relive the fear of each doctor’s appointment, I would re-cry all the tears, I would choose to carry you knowing that you would only live 1 precious hour and 9 minutes. I would let my heart re-break into a million pieces. I would do all of this, because you are worth it. Your life, though far too sort, was and is something beautiful. You never spoke a word, you could barely even cry, and yet your life spoke such volumes. You showed that miracles are possible, you showed that life is worth fighting for, you showed that love is enough. YOU were enough and I will forever be grateful that you, sweet Cyrus, made me a Mommy. 

All my love, 

Cyrus Kal El Hopper November 25, 2013

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