Friday, March 27, 2015

I Chose Love

Families who Carry to Birth* all have different stories to tell. Each baby is unique, and each situation has it's own set of circumstances. But there's one thing that seems to always be present: Carrying to Birth is a decision based in love. The choice to refuse termination, to stand up for the baby's value, to put effort into making the most of their very sweet little life: all of these involve a deep and relentless love that says "my baby's life may not be long, but it'll be a beautiful as I can make it, for as long as possible". 

When given the choice, Carry to Birth families say "I choose LOVE'. 

It's something any Carry to Birth family can be proud of, and hold tight to when the immense pain of grief feels unbearable. 

I chose love, and it was worth it. 

Babies who are carried to birth are always filled with this love from head to toe. Just look at any photos of these sweet little ones and you can practically see that love glowing off them. You want to know what love looks like? It's a family whose love is so strong they know saying hello and goodbye in the same day will be worth it, just to meet their precious little baby. 

From now until April 15th, 2015, All That Love Can Do is running an "I Chose Love" fundraiser to support our work of providing help and resources to families who make this brave and beautiful decision to Carry to Birth. 

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If you want to tell the world, "I chose love", you can purchase one of these beautiful shirts on our Booster Campaign Page HERE.

It's a great way to support our cause, help spread awareness about Carrying to Birth, and  - most importantly - tell your baby's story.

I Chose Love: Because all life is precious, even a short one <3

Order yours today!

*Note: Carry to Birth and Carry to Term are both ways of describing the act of continuing a pregnancy after learning the baby has a life-limiting or fatal condition. Because we know 40 weeks is not always possible due to certain conditions, our preferred term is Carry to Birth.

**Thank you to All That Glitters for the design help!


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