Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Lucy's Story, by her mama

Post by Kristin.

I got pregnant at 19 by the guy I had been dating for almost 2 years. He left me the day I told him I was pregnant. I found out I was pregnant when I was 8 weeks along. My body tried to miscarry but never did and after 3 days the hospital discharged me. At 11 weeks I learned the baby had holoprosencephaly. A fatal brain disease. I was considered a single teen mom and my doctor told me my baby would either be still born or die shortly after birth. And as a single teen mom a special needs baby would be to much and I should abort. I told him I would carry to term and let God take my baby when he was ready.

I enjoyed the rest of my pregnancy. At 20 weeks I found out I was having a girl. I went out and bought girl things. I set up a nursery with a crib and car seat and everything a normal baby would have. At 36 weeks I went into labor. I had a natural vaginal birth. (No meds!)

On March 17, 2012 at 7:41am Lucy Mae Waller was born at 17 inches 3 pounds and 11 ounces. She was breathing on her own. She was sent to the NICU. I brought her home after 2 weeks in the NICU. Her life was spent in and out of hospitals, at doctor appts and therapy at home. She was a fighter. She always had a smile on. She lived for the next 7 months.

On October 15, 2012 she had trouble breathing and I started CPR and the ambulance took her to the hospital. They informed she was brain dead and there was nothing more they could do. I called family in to say good byes and also talked to the transplant team. On October 17, 2012 she was placed in my arms when they took her off life support. I told her it was okay to fly away to God. I heard her take her last breath which sounded like a sigh. I knew she was tired of fighting and was now an Angel and no longer in pain. She was able to donate her heart valves and liver and kidneys. Her brain went to Duke for studies. We have been getting pictures and letters from the guy who got her kidneys.

I am so glad to have carried to term and get to spend 7 months with my baby girl.

Darling little Lucy

Beautiful little Lucy


Anna said...

beautiful she is ♥

That Girl said...

The Lord blessed you with such a beautiful Angel, He saw something special in you to give her to you for those 7 months. God Bless <3

mochuisle.carolyn said...

What an amazing and gorgeous little girl! And what an amazing mom to be picked out for her. Thank you for sharing your story and for loving Lucy through pregnancy and beyond. I truly feel that every time a mom does that, it builds a strength in every mom that hears the story and takes it to heart. Your actions/words/love will reach farther than you will ever know. I am so blessed to have learned about you, Lucy, and your amazing story.

Unknown said...

Beautiful little girl! Thank you for sharing Lucy and your amazing story!

Unknown said...

Beautiful little girl! Thank you for sharing Lucy and your Amazing story!

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