Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Charleigh & Baileigh's Story, by their mama

Post by Kayla.

In April 2011 we found out we were expecting twins.

A week after we found out they were identical girls in June we found out all my fluid had disappeared. Baby a had an ecogenic bowel and baby b had an ecogenic kidney. Fluid was lowest on baby b the whole pregnancy and she was also thought to have a brain bleed.

At 24 weeks the doctors said it would be best to abort the girls because they would most likely be dead in the womb by 26 weeks. We went to Cincinnati and they gave our girls 10% chance of surviving. I carried them until 33 weeks.

They were both born screaming but were intibated right away. Both girls went down hill fast and after 40 hours we lost Charleigh (baby a). Her lungs just weren't developed enough to support her body. Baileigh (baby b) did a complete turn around and was off the vent at 6 days old. She spent the next two months in the NICU two hours from home. Baileigh weighed 3lbs 7oz and Charleigh weighed 4lbs 4oz.

Beautiful girls <3  Baileigh and Charleigh
 Now Baileigh is 19 months old and progressing much faster than most preemies. She is small for her age but the only things wrong with her are asthma and a multi cystic dysplastic kidney. She's right on track with everything.

She is my miracle and I'm glad we left it up to God to decide their fate.. not the doctors.


Brittany Buchanan said...

so proud of you guys! glad that she just keeps getting better and better! doctors arent ALWAYS right and you guys and Baileigh proved them wrong! Congrats on your miracle!!

Meagan Bryant said...

Congratulations on your little miracle baby!!

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