Thursday, May 23, 2013

Hope's Story, by her mama

Post by Stacy

Hope Elna Lockhart was born November 19th 2010 at 4:38am.

She was diagnosed with skeletal dysplasia at our 26 week appointment. It was a lethal form of skeletal dysplasia. We were told she might not live until her due date of January 19th 2011.

Hope was born alive and lived for 32 minutes. 32 minutes that she spent with her daddy. I was asleep because of the emergency c-section and bloodloss.

It has now been over 2 years and we are learning how live and function without Hope here. It has been a very tough road. Even taking it's toll on our marriage. But we are working on that now too.

Thank you for letting me share our journey of loss.

You can read more about our Hope Elna at my blog:


mochuisle.carolyn said...

It strikes me how much courage it must have taken to do all that you did yourself during pregnancy and birth, and all that you did and still do as a couple. I love that you named her Hope. You obviously never gave up hope on behalf of her, and it seems to me that it might require having a lot of hope to get through even a day. I sure hope that I can have your astonishing courage and hope in whatever I may face in my day to day life. Thank you for sharing.

mercurymom26 said...

Thank you for such a beautiful reply. :) When you love someone you are willing to do whatever you can for them. We are so blessed to have had Hope with us for the time that we did. <3

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