Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Honoring Mothers Project

Mother's Day is one of the hardest holidays to face after your child has died. It's heartbreaking and terrible. Not only because your beautiful child missing -- a fact that makes every day hard to face -- but also because so many people forget that you are still their mother. Mother's Day has become almost unrecognizable from it's original goal of being a day to celebrate all mothers, including loss moms. Instead of looking forward to a day of gifts and flowers, breakfast in bed, or brunches, loss moms hide in their homes with only broken hearts, empty homes, and pictures in their head of how life should be. And this is not okay. A loss mother is just as much a mother as the one whose children are all with her. She deserves just as much respect and admiration as any other mother. In many ways, she deserves it more, as she had to do the unthinkable and give her child back. She is brave and beautiful beyond imagination. She is a mother.

Once again, this year, All That Love Can Do would like to honor the special loss mothers in your life. Maybe it's your daughter, maybe it's your wife, maybe it's your friend, or niece, or cousin, or co-worker. Maybe it's a special person you've never even met, but have followed through a blog, or page, or through other social media. However you're connected to this mother, this is your chance to tell her how amazing she is. How beautiful and wonderful and strong she is. How special she is to you. A way to say, I see you and honor your motherhood.

Beginning Wednesday, May 6th, and going until Sunday, May 10th (Mother's Day), All That Love Can Do will be sharing notes to these moms. Written by you, for her, as a way to show the world that she is still a beautiful mother.

Would you like to honor the special loss mom in your life?
Here's how you can participate

Any time between now and Sunday, May 10th, write a note to the beautiful loss mom you'd like to honor and send it to us in a private message to our Facebook Page. It can be a few words, or a full page note, whatever you'd like. This is your chance to tell the loss mom in your life how amazing she is. Tell us why she's super special to you and why you want to honor her. Please be sure to include her full name and her child's name(s), so she'll know it's for her when we post them. 

Together, we can help the special loss mom in your life know she is loved, she is remembered, and she is a beautiful mother.

If you have any questions, or when you're ready to submit your note, please contact RaeAnne by sending a private message to All That Love Can Do, here

Let's make this Mother's Day a beautiful day for all mothers.

**If you'd like to see notes from last year, click HERE.**


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