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Honoring Mothers Project: The Letters

Today is Mother’s Day. For many women, it’s a day that’s not at all how it should be. Before you read today’s letters, please take a moment to hold in your heart all the women trying to survive this day without one or more of their children. 

The following letters were written to some very special loss moms, from family and friends who wanted to honor them this Mother's Day.

If you were unable to send in your letter on time, please feel free to share a note to a special loss mom in the comments below.

To all the lovely mamas who have to face this Mother's Day without one or more of her babies, we send our love to you, and honor your motherhood. You are a beautiful mother <3

To Jenna Edwards, from Mary Ellen Lewis

I would like to honor my beautiful daughter, Jenna Edwards, who is the amazing mother to Greyson Lewis Edwards. She is the strongest, most dedicated mother I know, even though her darling baby boy was gone from this world the day he was delivered. She was a Warrior Mama as she delivered Greyson on September 30, 2014, knowing she would never hear his little cries, or see his beautiful eyes, or feel his sweet breath on her chest. Jenna continues on every day, since Greyson came into her life, to honor him and remember him in very special ways. So I want to celebrate her motherhood this Mother's Day, and every day. She is Greyson's mommy and always will be <3

To Amee, from Katie Butler


I know that every breath stings. I know that it's impossible to get up in the morning. I know, and I wish that you didn't. I felt completely betrayed by fate when it took your sweet girl. Persephonee. I felt like I had paid the price for all of us, for our family. I still rage about that -- this shouldn't be our lives, this is a mockery of what should have been. I, we, miss her every day. There's a Persephonee-shaped hole in our days. In our hearts. I know that you are the best mother possible for Persephonee. No one could have loved her and taught her as well as you and Chris did. Every time she smiled, it was your smile. Her laugh, your laugh. She embraced life in a way that was simply amazing -- all because you and Chris taught her that way. Our love for her will never end, ever. Ever. Ever. And our love for you will never, ever, ever end, either. I love you. I love that you came into our lives, and have made such an impact - by being you, by loving my brother, by bringing this amazing little girl into the world and showing me how to be a mother to my own daughter. Persephonee. Persephonee. Persephonee. She still makes an impact, whenever I say her name. In public, in private. People know about her and want to know more. Those that haven't met her feel like they have had a little glimpse into her amazing life. I'll share her story, every day that I breathe. I'll share her impact on our world, and the world at large. Again, I love you. I wish I could lessen the pain that this holiday brings. I'll be saying her name, and we'll be blowing bubbles up to Heaven for her. - Katie

To Fran Ambrose, From Kerry Ambrose

For my sister Fran Ambrose, I'm so proud of you, for staying so strong, Skye-amor is so very precious and will be in our hearts forever, an amazing girl just like her mummy x x

To Tanya Loewen-Watson, from Audrey Unger

Dearest Tanya, On this Mother's Day weekend, harder than the usual hard days, I pray for a measure of peace to fill your weary soul, your aching heart, and your empty arms. Your daily battle to mother all of your five children is admirable, fulfilling the needs of the little bodies present around you and remembering your daughters who left much too soon. Your courage to face the challenges of each new day and to speak up about your grief so that others may understand shows the incredible strength that you carry within. I see the amazing, wonderful person that you are, shining through the tears and continued grief. There are many moments and days when you do not feel brave, but to me it seems that Mothers of Loss are amongst the bravest of us all. On this Mother's Day, take some quiet moments to celebrate you and your journey of motherhood.  
Love and hugs, 
Audrey Unger

To Elizabeth Oliver Heenan, from Michal Estrela

I want you to know that I think you are strong. We both had a miscarriage at the same time and started this loss journey. Even through your pain you have been a cheerleader as woman after woman has her rainbow. You are a shining example of how to keep on hoping and how to share in another's joy when you aren't sure about your own. I think about Sunflower a lot. I picture him/her playing with my unnamed babies and with my Matthew, and I always see your Sunflower in a field of sunflowers. Know that you are thought of by me. You are amazing.

To Amanda Niño, from Brenda Sanchez

Amanda, you are an amazing mommy to to Korie Jade Niño.. Creating Korie's special 3rd day is a beautiful way to honor her life and memory. Just as I feel my girls' sending strength and love, I'm positive Korie is sending you the same. Look for the little things, those little miracles and blessings, that you never noticed before. Know those moments are from your beautiful baby, Korie! Much love and light!

<3 Brenda, mommy to Lily and Lucy Rose To Melissa Dyrdahl, from Christina Rucker

Melissa, where do I even start?! You are amazing. I am so proud of you. You chose to give Edison life, even though you knew his time with you was going to be short. You selflessly gave him the chanceto grow, even though each day was full of worry and pain. You chose to sing, and dance, and dream with him. You chose hope and faith, through the doubt and fear. You chose to embrace whatever time God gave you with E-man. You chose to LOVE that little boy, with all your heart, knowing full well of the heartache ahead. And although God had other plans, you are choosing to celebrate E's life, you are choosing to keep his memory alive, you are choosing to love him more and more each day, even when the pain seems unbearable.

You are forever Edison Ray's momma, and you are what this day is all about! Happy First Mother's Day, Meme!!! Celebrate through the tears! "All is well, momma!" We are so proud of you!

Love you!
~ Auntie T.

To Angela Miller, from Kris Aikens

Sweet Angela, I count you among my blessings! We met through the loss of our precious boys Noah and Cooper (who probably arranged it), two grieving moms. But as I have come to know you, I have found a friend, a confidant, someone who "gets it", but most of all one of the bravest most inspiring moms I know! You took your tragedy and turned it into a mission. Through your book, thousands of other broken hearts are being mended, and women are realizing that they are not alone on this hellish road. But I want you to know, I see you, I hear you and I know the gut wrenching, heart shredding pain that you had to wade through to birth that gift to the grieving community. All that you go through - to bravely mother Noah still... At the same time that you lift up so many. I just wanted to take this chance to tell you what an inspiration you are to me of how much love can do! Noah will never be forgotten because his incredible mom is making sure of it. Love you friend! Kris Aikens ( Cooper's mom)

To Michal Estrela fromJohn Schmoldt and Family

For Michal Estrela and her beautiful son...Matthew William ...your story is filled with a mothers love We love you...Aunt Salsa, Father John and Jen-

To YOU, from RaeAnne Fredrickson, Samuel's mama, creator of All That Love Can Do

Beautiful mama,
I know how hard today is for you. It’s so far from what it should be for you and my heart aches that your arms are not full, as they should be. I wish more than anything the world could be put right and your baby returned to you. Please, always remember, you are brave. You are beautiful. You are the best mother there is. You did everything a mother could possibly do for her baby and it’s not your fault that death is a thief. You are amazing.

Today, on this very hard day of triggers and reminders, please be extra gentle with yourself. You deserve just as much – really, more – love, respect, and admiration as every mother. You deserve to be honored and so that’s why I’m writing this to YOU. All your baby knew of this life was love. That makes you the best mother there is.

I know it’s not happy, so instead I’ll wish you LOVE, PEACE, and REST this Mother’s Day. You are a beautiful mother <3

Love and hugs,


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