Friday, February 14, 2014

Love Letters: Waylon, Addison, and Ethan

Letter to Waylon, by Amanda Schaefer

Roses are red, violets are blue... Words cannot express how much I miss you. 
<3 Waylon <3

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

Letter to Addison, by Jessica Green

Addison, sweet baby girl... there's so much I want to tell you, show you, experience with you. I thought I knew love and then I met you. You're the highest form, everything you are embodies love for me. I'm struggling without you, but that love keeps me going. You keep me together when the pain of losing you is tearing me apart. I'm so proud you're my daughter, you fought so hard to meet us. Your daddy just glowed looking at you all wrapped up and perfect. So many people love you, we carry you in our hearts everyday sweet angel. Mommy loves you. Mommy loves you more than words can ever do justice. If I could fill a jar with kisses and send it to heaven for you, I'd need all the jars in the world. I hope you like the glass flowers I got for your first Valentines as an angel, they were so pretty, reminded me of you my beautiful butterfly baby. I know heaven is beautiful because you're there, but I'm selfish and I'd give anything to have you here just a moment longer. So instead I'm sending my Valentine's to the sky, hoping you feel my love for you as much as I do. I love you so much Addie, you're forever my sunshine!

Love, mommy
Addison Quinn Russell. January 11th, 2014

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

Letter to Ethan, by Terri Jenkins

Dear sweet Ethan,
I am thinking about you a lot this Valentine's. I know you already know this but we all love you so much! We carry you in our heart. 

Happy Valentine's Day baby! 


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