Friday, February 14, 2014

Love Letters: Jack, Oliver, Scarlet, and Cyrus

Letter to Jack and Oliver, by Emma Chainey  

To my darling jack and Oliver, 
I remember the day I found out I was pregnant, It was the day daddy and I came home from our holiday in Majorca. I'd known it before really, when I was lying in the sun and swimming in the sea I knew you were inside me. I loved you from the very start. I didn't mind feeling sick, it only made me glad that I knew you were growing. On the day of our first scan I was so nervous, I just wanted to know that you were ok. I couldn't wait to see you on the screen and take home our first pictures of you. On the way to the hospital daddy said he thought there were two of you. I joked about what a nightmare twins would be but daddy was convinced. When we were looking at you on the screen daddy was the first to spot both of you. I laughed hysterically but straight away I was so glad that there were two of you. I dreamt about your first steps, your secret little twin codes and knew I was the luckiest mummy in the whole world. As the weeks passed and my tummy grew I became more and more excited, I imagined your dark curly hair and your beautiful skin. Daddy was excited about the toys you would play with together. We were so happy. We had scans every two weeks and because you were identical twins and very special, the doctors kept a close eye on us and we had beautiful 3d scans and could see your perfect little faces. Jack you were always kicking your brother and hiding him from the camera. It was at the twenty week scan that we found out that you were boys. I started to dream about your little outfits and your nursery. Ollie, I think you would have been a laid back little dude, you liked to relax like mummy and only kicked when I asked you to. Jack you were always moving, doing somersaults and keeping mummy awake, I knew you would be a little handful. When you were still so little at 23 weeks you came in to the world, so little and perfect. You had my mouth and daddies nose. You had beautiful dark hair, every part of you was perfect. Jack, your daddy held you and Oliver you were in my arms as you fell asleep forever. Ollie I will never forget lifting your little arm up so the nurse could check your heart beat. You hung on to life and didn't give up easy. My little fighters that I love so much, you took part of me with you that day. Every fibre of me longs to hold you and protect you. I wish I could have protected you that day. You are both the most perfect thing I ever made in my life and I love you more than you can ever imagine.

All my love, 
your broken mummy xxxx
 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

A letter to Scarlet, by her Nana - Tammy Lindsey

My dearest tiny angel Scarlet,
How I miss you so. God allowed us to witness the miracle of your birth and blessed us with 59+ hours to love and cherish you and to make lasting memories. Your momma was so brave to do all that she could do to make your entrance into this world and you made her and all of your family so proud of how strong and beautiful you were. I know that you are dancing on clouds in the presence of those loved one that had gone on before you & welcomed you to heaven with loving arms.
Your nana loves you and will always remember those hours during your first night that it was you & I, sharing our special time together.
Till we see you again


 Scarlet Raven McMillan 8/20-8/22/13

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

A letter to Cyrus, by Alex Hopper

Dear Cyrus, 
There are no adequate words to describe just how much I miss you. I never knew I could love in this way. You have expanded my heart to a capacity I never thought possible. This past year has been such a roller coaster of emotion, from great joy to deep sorrow. It has not been easy, in fact it has been the most difficult year of my life to date. But I do know this, I would easily do it all over again. To see your sweet face, to hold your tiny hand in mine, and to have you in my arms. I would relive the fear of each doctor’s appointment, I would re-cry all the tears, I would choose to carry you knowing that you would only live 1 precious hour and 9 minutes. I would let my heart re-break into a million pieces. I would do all of this, because you are worth it. Your life, though far too sort, was and is something beautiful. You never spoke a word, you could barely even cry, and yet your life spoke such volumes. You showed that miracles are possible, you showed that life is worth fighting for, you showed that love is enough. YOU were enough and I will forever be grateful that you, sweet Cyrus, made me a Mommy. 

All my love, 

Cyrus Kal El Hopper November 25, 2013



Tori said...

Beautiful precious Ali~Precious Cyrus impacted hundreds of lives..mine being one of them..I love him and you and Trent...

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