Monday, December 2, 2013

12 DOC: Day Two Giveaway {Winner}

This giveaway is now CLOSED. We have a winner! Paige, you have been selected by! Please contact us HERE within 24 hours to claim your prize!

If you didn't win this time, you can still order yourself a photo from The Sacred Seashore! They have several gorgeous photos for only $5. You may also enter any of our upcoming giveaways during the 12 Days of Christmas.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

It's giveaway time!

Enter for the chance to win a FREE photo of your choice from The Sacred Seashore!

All babyloss families are eligible to win.

To enter:
1. Like All That Love Can Do on Facebook
2. Go to The Sacred Seashore and chose the photo you'd like to win.
3. Comment below with your baby's name(s)/special date(s) and the name of the photo you'd like if you win..

The winner will be announced on Tuesday, December 3rd, and will have 24 hours to claim their prize.

Good luck!

*Be sure to check out Catherine's post in our 12 Days of Christmas series, here.


Suzie said...

March 7, 2013
I love the "Sand Moon" photos.

Anonymous said...

My name is Shawnda Stephenson and our baby's name is Lyric..I would like the Names in the Sand with Seashell Butterfly...Sunset (red butterfly)...Thank you!!<3

Tanya Jackson said...

Adilynn Caroline
November 19th 2012
I love the names in sand with seashell butterflies♥

Anonymous said...

My name is Marcia Armstrong. Our baby girl's name is Peyton, Jan 7, 2011. We like the Names in the Sand with Seashell Butterflies, Maya (white & pink). Thank you for the support you are giving to baby loss parents <3

Meggie B said...

Broderick Cillian Bryant
August 9th 2013 to August 17, 2013
I like the name with the seashell on the beach

Tiffany Giguere said...

Bentley Layne - September 30, 2013
'Still loved'

Nicole Josephs said...

Amelia Anne
Pink and Purple Chroma Seafoam

heather Peterman said...

I would love the birthday starfish.
Jaime Ryan
April 20, 2013

Sarah said...

Emma Clair Arthur 7/2/13

I love the Christmas candle photographs. They are so beautiful, and are such a wonderful way to remember our babies this Christmas!

Krystal said...

Starfish Birthdays

Willow & Hazel

This is absolutely beautiful.

Cassandra Soto said...

What an amazing giveaway! :)

13.4.2013 - 14.4.2013
I like the daisy (tangerine butterfly)

Paige said...

Greyson - December 5, 2010
Mavis Emily - June 25, 2013
Jack and Aaron - September 12, 2013

Your work is absolutely beautiful. Thank you for honoring all our children this way. My favorites are the starfish birthday and all of the holiday photos.

Crystal Beason said...

My babies are Nevaeh Elizabeth Beason Feb 26, 2012 til April 16, 2012, Malachi Caleb Beason October 5, 2013, and Beason Babies all miscarried 11 1/2 weeks and under.
Id absolutely love the Names in the Sand with Seashell Butterflies. <3

Charesa Clausson said...

Jackson was born on October 21,2013. I liked the Names in the sand with seashell butterflies-andrew (the dragonfly)

RaeAnne Fredrickson said...

CLOSED: we have a winner!

Anonymous said...

Yay, yay, yay....Firewall at work won't let me follow the link above but I will contact you this afternoon. Thank you!!!

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