Saturday, December 7, 2013

12 DOC: Day Seven {Holiday Place Card Tutorial}

Written by MaryJo Carlson

To go along with my theme of The Empty Chair, we made a place card for Samuel for this Christmas. 
You can continue to make these for every event they should have been at your table. 

I encourage you to invite others help you creatively mark the holiday or event you are celebrating.  My other grandchildren love making things to remember Samuel.

This can be as simple and elaborate as you want to make it. 

Holiday Place Cards Tutorial:

1. Gather together cardstock, stickers, glue sticks or adhesive tape and other special little trinkets to decorate the place card.

 2. Cut out a 6” X 6” piece of cardstock of your choice. We chose glittery blue for Samuel’s Christmas this year. Fold in half so it can stand up (make a tent).

 3. Cut out a smaller piece of cardstock for the name approximately 2” tall by 4 ½” wide (you could use a colored foam piece as well) or this year I found these cute stickers that were the perfect size. Place the name piece on the front of the cardstock tent using a glue stick or adhesive dots.

 4. Next you will need sticky letters, markers, crayons, paint (any medium of your choice) for the name. You can also print it on your computer; be as creative as you want.  I bought glittery silver letters to remind me of the twinkling new fallen snow that Samuel would have loved to see. Place name on insert material of the tent using a glue stick or adhesive dots.

5. Finally, add other stickers and special trinkets/baubles to make the place card just right.  I found these hearts as well as diamond snowflakes. Diamond is Samuel’s birthstone ~ couldn’t get any more perfect than that! Decorate your place card to your heart’s desire. Some of the snowflakes were white with a blue diamond in the middle so I chose to put 2 of them back to back at the top of his place card for a special final effect.  Just right for our perfect little grandson.

6 Here is our finished place card for Samuel. 


 and back:

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*Read Part I of MaryJo's post in our 12 Days of Christmas series, HERE.


Crystal Beason said...

Thanks for the idea. It's stunning! ♥

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