Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Babble's Top 25 Pregnancy Facebook Pages

It was such a surprise to open the virtual mailbox this morning to find a note from a member of the Babble Editorial team, saying: As part of our annual top list series, Babble has rounded up this year's Top Pregnancy Facebook Fan Pages of 2013 — and yours is one of them!

What an honor to know our words and stories are being heard!

It so exciting to have another way to reach the families who need us (although I'd gladly accept this never happening again to any family!).

Every family facing the heartbreak of having to say hello and goodbye should know they are not alone, they are loved and there is help.

Go check out the other 24 pages and show your support!

Our heartfelt Thank You! to the editors of Babble for this amazing honor <3


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