Monday, June 3, 2013

Allison's Story, by her mama

Post by Janet

In September of last year at 22 weeks pregnant we found out that our second daughter, Allison, had Full Trisomy 13. The doctors told us she was incompatible with life. Despite being urged to terminate, we chose to carry our little girl and give her a chance at life.

We carried her to 36 weeks when her heart began to fail and her movements ceased, at that time, we decided we wanted to meet her alive and induced labor at 36w6d.

She was born on 12/21/2012 and lived 24 hours and 15 minutes.
Beautiful baby Allison <3

I cannot say enough about my experience carrying her, even knowing her life may be short.

The time I spent with her during my pregnancy, and in that 1 day she was here made all of the worry and hurt worth it.

We have a page for our sweet Allison that tells her story chapter by chapter. My page is also intended to advocate women who decide to carry to term despite a fatal diagnosis and to support other angel moms who are on this journey with me.

Read her story in detail HERE.


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