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12 DOC: Tutorial: Christmas Tree Shadow Box

*This tutorial is part of the 12 Days of Christmas series. Read more here.

Christmas Tree Shadow Box 
By Jenna Gassew

What you will need: (everything was found at Michael's Craft Store)

 Mini battery operated lights
 Mini clothes pins
 A decorative piece of paper for the background ( we used a gold glitter piece)
 Glue gun
 Photos of your angel baby small enough to be ornaments on the tree ( we cut them out in circle shapes)
 Faux snow
 Christmas tree topper ( we used a star)
 Shadow box

How to get started:
Cut out all your angel baby's photos small enough to be ornaments on the tree hung by the mini clothes pins.

Take your decorative paper and outline in pencil your tree shape.

Start at the top of the tree and use the lights to zig zag following your guide in the shape of a Christmas tree ( use the glue gun to keep the lights fastened) (see figure 1)
Diagram 1
Add your extra bows on the ends or wherever else you would like.

Take your photos and clip them on the light strand.

Top off your tree by gluing the star on the paper.

You can then add faux snow to the bottom section of your shadow box.

Lastly take your decorative piece of paper that you glued the lights, bows, and photos on and cover up the shadow box ( make sure you cut a small nook to let the battery pack extend out of the frame for easy use).

Now, display it!

 This craft was made in honor of my sweet boy, Shane Michael who passed away on October 9th 2014 to Anencephaly/Acrania. I didn’t get a ton of photos so I wanted a creative way to show off his photos. This was very quick and easy to make! During the holidays I find it comforting to do crafts like this to keep him incorporated in our family.

To My Sweet Shane Michael,

Another year has come and gone. Last year felt like a blur. It was only two months before that we welcomed you into this world, and quickly said goodbye. But this year feels harder. It was like I had the time to think of all the things I would be missing out on, from Santa photos, sending out Christmas cards, to seeing your eyes twinkling with every Christmas light. We wanted to start traditions; we wanted to spend time together, celebrating as a family. We wanted to watch you being handed from aunt to uncle, and being played with at grand mom and grand pops. We wanted to hold you, and kiss those rosy cheeks. All we ever wanted was you. Holidays just seem tougher because we are surrounded by everyone except you. My heart still aches, my tears still flow, and my arms are still empty. You are so missed and deeply loved sweet boy. Please watch over us our beautiful angel and know there is not one second of the day that we are not thinking of you.

Love Always,

~ ~ ~
Jenna Gassew is from outside Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She is a graduate of Rosemont College with a degree in Mathematics. She is the mother to a beautiful little boy in heaven, Shane Michael Haley. Shane was diagnosed with Anencephaly at 13 weeks gestation. Jenna and Shane’s father, Dan, decided to create a bucket-list on which they took Shane to various places such as Phillies games, New York City, and Ocean City, Maryland. Shane was born October 9, 2014 and lived for four precious hours where he spent his whole life loved. She continues to bring awareness to Anencephaly in honor of her son. More about Jenna, Dan, and Shane’s journey can be found on  their face book page, “Prayers for Shane.”


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