Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Wave of Light Giveaway!

This giveaway is now CLOSED.

We have a winner!!

Dylan's mama was picked by as the winner!! Please send a message to All That Love Can Do within 48 hours to claim your candle holder!

**In honor of this very special month, we are giving a special gift to everyone who entered! If you entered this giveaway before it was closed, please send All That Love Can Do a message.

Together we remember all the beautiful babies in heaven. <3

It's giveaway time!

On October 15th, people around the world will be lighting a candle at 7pm in remembrance of their baby(ies) in heaven. Collectively, this creates a "Wave of Light" around the earth. It's a beautiful day of light and love as we all remember the precious little lives that are missing. You can learn all about it HERE.

In honor of this day, ATLCD is giving away a very special memorial candle holder to one babyloss family.

All babyloss families are eligible to enter!

You may choose from the Love, Pure and Simple WillowTree Candleholder:

 Or the Angel of Light tealight holder:

To enter:
1. Like All That Love Can Do on Facebook.
2. Comment here with your baby's name/nickname/special date(s), the name of the candle holder you'd like if you win, and your plans for October 15th.

The winner will be announced here after the drawing and will have 48 hours to claim their prize. 

Good luck!


Brenda SC said...

Lily, May 30, 2012 & Lucy Rose, Dec 27, 2012 ♥ Love, Pure and Simple. At this moment, Oct 15th will be spent simply lighting a candle in honor of my babies.

Nicole Casey said...

Shawn Patrick June 15, 2013-June 16,2013. My baby boy. Love, Pure and Simple. My family and I will be lighting a candle and playing a cd full of songs at 7pm that remind us of our Shawn.

Gale Fitts said...

James Collins Fitts, Jr., Reita Gale and Abba Gale Fitts (twins but born apart) James and I will be lighting candles in holders made each for James Collins and Reita Gale. I have been concerned about a proper candle holder for Abba Gale. Either one of these would be so perfect and appreciated. I collect Willow Tree. Thank you for this Giveaway! <3

Gale Fitts said...

I forgot to put in their dates! James Collins, Jr. May 2, 1975 Abba Gale January 1982 Reita Gale May 31, 1982 Three candles to light this year. I have been set free to recognize Abba Gale as I do her sibblings.

LisaR said...

Kathryn Grace Russell 10/4/2011 Love Pure and Simple My family will be lighting candle on October 15. I'm also organizing a balloon release for our church a few days later.

Lynn said...

Lilian Grace Harris 1-9-10 Love Pure and Simple. We will be spending a quiet night at home together with our candle lit

Anonymous said...

Joey Mark Garrington 26/11/12
I would love to win the love pure and simple holder.
Thank you for a lovely giveaway.
I have made a drawing with babies names included for october 15th. <3

Evelyn Schwenke said...

Apple Marie and Banana Lee, passed on 12/9&10/12 and birth angelversary day 12/28/12. On October 15th we plan to remember our twins and all babies by lighting a candle and sharing our twin's story on our page in their memory with other stories of much wanted babies gone too soon. The Angel Of Light tealight holder would be a beautiful gift for our keepsakes in our twin girls memory.

Anonymous said...

for dylan, born still on nov. 8, 2012 to complications of hellp syndrome and trisomy 22. I love the angel tealight holder. I am participating in the wave of light, and asking my friends and family to as well. i am making personalized candles for my close family.

Terri said...

Ethan Weber. Born on July 24 2013 and gained his beautiful wings on July 24 2013. We will be lighting a candle for our sweet angel on October 15. Our family will be joining us as well. I am actually excited about it. All of our angels will be able to see all the beautiful candles lit for just for them! I love the Angel of Light candle holder. Thank you!

Amanda Hoyt said...

what a beautiful giveaway! thank you RaeAnne!

I would choose the Willow Tree Candle holder for my Noah Joel Hoyt (March 26, 2008).
On October 15th, I will spend some time in prayer for all loss families, light a candle in memory of all babies & children gone too soon, photograph it and make a graphic out of it for 2013 (I've made one the past few years) to circulate.

thank you for all you do in memory of your precious Samuel.
xoxo said...

willow tree candle holder

Sarah Ann Elizabeth Malone 12-9-87 to 12-9-87
Harley Avery Malone Owens 11-8-91 to 10-15-98

Faith Wilmore said...

Thanks for the giveaway! If I win, I would like the Love, Pure and Simple WillowTree Candleholder.

Baby Wilmore 1-22-12

I will be participating with my husband in the wave of light on Oct 15 and we plan to remember our child.

Faith Wilmore

Anonymous said...

I plan to light a candle on Oct. 15 in honor of my children and all children gone too soon.
Jacob and Blaise Elsinger 1/26/2012.
Love, Pure and Simple.

Thank you!

Jen Elsinger

JennRose Stremich said...

Ethan Richard Stremich 04/13/2011 - Currently planning a candle-lighting ceremony with myself, my two other co-founders and the the members in our organization.

Crystal Deane said...

Nevaeh Beason 02/26/12 til 04/16/12. 49 beautiful days. Her nickname was SnowFlake. Also have lost 4 single miscarriages, 1 twin miscarriage, and VTS (vanishing twin syndrome). Id love to win the Angel Of Light tealight holder! As for plans for October, if I am not birthing my current baby (was given a fatal fetal diagnosis, expected to pass very shortly after birth, nicknamed Little Sticker) then Ill be doing a balloon release with family as well as lighting candles for baby loss. Love to all.

RaeAnne Fredrickson said...

This giveaway is now CLOSED. Dylan's mama has won <3

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