Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Non-Rainbow Giveaway!

This giveaway is now CLOSED. Faith Wilmore, you've been selected as the winner of the grand prize! Everyone else who entered before the giveaway closed will be receiving a gift bag as well! To claim your gift, please send a private message to our Facebook Page within the next 48 hours.


There is a lot of talk in the babyloss community about how much joy and hope a "Rainbow" baby (the baby born after a loss) can bring after the devastating loss of your baby. But there is not much talk about what happens when there is no rainbow.

Maybe you lost your only child and simply cannot bring yourself to try again. Maybe you are now dealing with the heartbreak of secondary infertility. Maybe your rainbow baby also died. Maybe the condition that stole your first child is so likely to re-occur, you are not comfortable with the chance of facing another loss like your first. Whatever the reason, when you are a babyloss mother with infinitely empty arms, it can seems like you're lost in a world of people who don't understand. Not only have you faced the unimaginable and lost your baby, you're also now separated from the babyloss community who are pregnant with/raising their rainbows.

If this is you, please know you are not alone <3.

We would like to honor you with a special giveaway for mothers without a rainbow.

The grand-prize is a "pamper-yourself" gift set. Everything you'll need to take special care of yourself. It includes things like:
~super plush fuzzy socks,
~body scrub,
~body lotion, 
~pedicure set,
~ultra-soft blanket,
~scented candle,
~a spa facial mask,
and more!

We will also be giving away 4 smaller sets that include many of the same items!

The rules:
1.  You MUST be a babyloss mother who does not have a rainbow.
2. Enter by commenting below with your baby(ies) name(s) and anything you'd like to share about his/her/their story. (Please be sure to include information so we know you're a mother without a living rainbow).
3. Once we post the winners (we will announce them here and on our Facebook Page, so be sure to LIKE us!), you must claim your prize within 48 hours. 

Sending lots of love to all the mamas with empty arms <3 <3


Anonymous said...

I found out yesterday that I'm losing (have lost?) my second pregnancy. My first pregnancy ended in May/June (found out baby Avelyn Grace died in May, but miscarriage didn't happen until June). This child, Benjamin Charles, was measuring a week behind with a slowish heartbeat a week ago. At yesterday's follow up appointment, he was the same size and the doc could not find a heartbeat. I was diagnosed with MTHFR after the first pregnancy (what is assumed killed Avelyn), and was assured that with vitamins and baby aspirin, any future pregnancies should still be low risk. With this second loss, we are confused and the world feels heavy.

Anonymous said...

My name is Shawnda Stephenson, we lost our Lyric on in June 2012. It was a surprise pregnancy because they had switched my bcp since I wasn't breastfeeding anymore. Our youngest was 15 months old so at first it was scary but exciting! I was hoping for a rainbow but it doesn't seem like it will happen. I am almost 39 my husband is 42 and he currently has health issues that has put trying on hold indefinitely. It breaks my heart because I so wanted a sibling for our youngest to grow up with because our oldest is 13 and didn't have that. I that is the only thing I regretted about waiting to have our youngest, that our oldest missed out on having that kind of relationship. Thank you!

Faith Wilmore said...

After 10 years of trying to have a baby, my husband and I finally got pregnant about Nov 24, 2011. We were both extremely happy and excited. We only told a few close family members. Those couple of months were some of the happiest I've had. But it soon turned to the saddest when we found our during our first ultrasound that there was no heartbeat. We were sent home and I naturally miscarried at 10 1\2 weeks on Jan 22, 2012. Ever since then we have tried again, but nothing has happened. It hurts so much because we have so much love to give. I don't want to give up, but at the same time it hurts to keep trying month after month. Also, I'm not getting any younger. I hear the clock ticking loudly. Thank you for the giveaway! faithwilmore@gmail.com

Mommy to Emoree and Anya said...

I am Karen, and my baby girl Anya was born August 27, 2012, with Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome. After open heart surgery at 2 days old, she also had a cardiac cath and g-tube surgery during her 7 week hospital stay. After only 15 days at home (the best days of my life) she passed away in her grandma's arms on November 3, 2012. My heart breaks all over again as we near closer to Anya's 1 year angelversary. I am not trying to have a "rainbow" baby; instead, I decided to go back to college and become a respiratory therapist, to live out Anya's legacy as she was on oxygen support for most of her short life.

I am starting to feel a disconnect with my CHD baby loss group, since many of them are TTC, pregnant with, or recently gave birth to their rainbows. I feel at a loss...

Terri Jenkins said...

Our son Ethan was born on July 24 2013. We also lost our sweet baby on July 24 2013 due to trisomy 18. I am so grateful for the time we did have with him. I actually have been wanting our rainbow baby. I actually thought I was pregnant and I took a test today. I was disappointed when it came out negative. I know it has not been that long since our Ethan has passed but for some reason I feel ready for our rainbow baby. I am very happy for all the mothers in the group that has or is having there happy baby but sometimes I feel a little jealous of them, but my time will come!

Unknown said...

This giveaway is now CLOSED. Everyone who entered before this comment will be receiving a gift bag! Faith Wilmore, you've been selected by Random.org as the winner of the grand prize!

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