Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Enjoy the Ride, A song by Monica

The following was written by a brave and beautiful mama named Monica. 

Her precious little baby boy, Acacius, was born still after going peacefully to heaven at 20 weeks gestation in November 2011.  

She is currently carrying her rainbow, who sadly has been diagnosis with a fatal condition. She lovingly chose to carry this darling little one for as long as she can and spends her time pouring love into her little "Beanie's" life.

She writes: "I've been composing a song the past few days, dedicating to my beloved unborn baby "Beanie" and all you courageous mamas who've decided to carry to full term after a fatal diagnosis".

Song Title: Enjoy the Ride

I can't see you yet
I can't hold you yet
I can't kiss you yet
I can't clothe you yet
But you're living inside of me
Breathing through me
Every inhale and exhale
Shows how much I love you

I may never be able to parent you
The way I want to
No matter how I yearn to
But I'm providing you nutrients
Singing to you
How I love talking to you
Create the bond no one can break through

I have decided
To enjoy the ride and give you
Nothing but the best
Pour out all my joy and love to you
I have decided
To carry you in my womb
'Til your last breath
'Til your very heart stop beating
Then I'll use my whole lifetime
To carry you in my heart

I will enjoy the ride
Look beyond the empty cradle
And shattered dreams
Sweetly embrace our lives together
I will enjoy the ride
Look beyond your short lived moments
Create memories that will last a lifetime
Praying for a miracle
But if God needs to take you home
Though my heart will break
With comfort I know
We enjoy the ride


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful song! So sad and true. May God keep you and carry you safely in his arms while you carry that precious little life inside of you.

Unknown said...

A beautiful song! I wish for you many moments of joy with your rainbow you have chosen to carry. How precious this time is. God bless you!

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