Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Dear Cyrus

By Alex Hopper

Dear Cyrus,

Today marks 2 years since I’ve seen your sweet face. Two years that we’ve been separated by time and space. To say that I miss you is understatement. You are missing from me. And yet somehow you are a part of me. You are in every breath I take. You are in every thought. Your soul has been intertwined with mine. Your existence forever a part of mine.

And though you aren’t here physically. I still see you. I see you in shining sun. I see you in the colors painted across the sky. I see you in your dad’s smile. I see you in the feathers that fall to the ground. I see you in stars. I see you in the mirror. I see you in my own eyes.

And although I can’t touch you, I still feel you. I feel your presence in the dark of the night. I feel your love when I am all alone. And oh how I feel your absence. I’ll never used to the absence of you. I’ll never get used to me without you.

Then there’s the love. The love I feel for you. Just as there’s no way to explain the pain of missing you, there’s no way to explain the joy of loving you. No collection or arrangement of words can accurately describe. It is a love that exists in every cell of my body. It is a love that continues to grow, a love that cannot be contained. And I won’t contain it. I’ll love you today and I’ll love you everyday until I am with you again.



~ ~ ~

Alex Hopper is a writer in North Carolina. She is married to her beloved, Trent, and mommy to her angel, Cyrus. Cyrus was diagnosis with a fatal birth defect in the womb at 12 weeks. He was carried with love until he was born at 33 weeks on November 25, 2013. He lived for 1 hour and 9 minutes. His life was short, but his legacy lives on.


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