Thursday, October 8, 2015

Creating a Remembrance Table - Part II

 Dave and MaryJo Carlson, grandparents to Samuel Evan Fredrickson.

This is part II of a series of tutorials for creating a Remembrance Table in preparation for the Wave of Light on October 15th. Be sure to read Part I and Part III

Dear Samuel,
We did some more work on the table that’s all about you. We are sharing it with all our friends whose children and grandchild are in heaven with you.
Our second day of creating your Samuel’s Sacred Space Table just has to have bunnies.  As you know this is one of your nicknames that your mama and daddy call you, “our little bunny”.  We couldn’t stop at just one so we are going to play a game with you called ‘find the bunnies’.  Can you find all of them on the table?  You have enough fingers on one hand to count them all. We love you, little bunny boy.
The third day was easy because that’s the birthday we celebrated with you this year, Samuel, you are 3 years old!  We can’t believe how big you are getting. We bet you can run very fast and maybe love playing chase with all your friends in heaven.  Use your eyes and find where we are hiding the # 3. It’s in a very special lap to represent what we wish we were doing – holding you on our lap and telling stories. Grandpa is really good at that.

Day 4 adds a great big S. S is for Samuel, the sweetest boy we know.  S is for stretching your arms way out wide and saying SO BIG; yes you are.  S is for your smile that melts our hearts when we think of you.  S is for the someday that we will be together forever and never, ever apart.  
The letter S is made of metal which is very strong, just like our LOVE for you.  Day 5 we add the word love (also made of metal) for there is no better word to describe how we feel about you. The word love is only 4 letters long but our love for you goes on and on and on…
On day 6 we hung your prayer flag that we made for you this summer. We love to see and say your name and it has another bunny on it, this one with a fluffy, puffy tail.  We think you’d love baby bunnies – the real ones are so cute, just like you. Now that we think of it you probably play with bunnies all the time.
Grampa and Grama were shopping the other day and a sign caught our eye.  You can see we bought it for your memory table to add on day 7. You are forever present in our hearts, day in and day out.  We imagine you in everything we do.  Do you hear us when we talk to you? Oh we hope so

Day 8 we added a rock that usually sits on top of our piano. We see it all the time.  We sure miss you each and every day.  Your name is music to our ears and so that is why we chose to have it on the piano.  Right next to the rock is a beautiful angel that your cousins picked out when we went to the state fair this year.  When it’s nice outside she sits in our Samuel garden. We made it just for you.  Sometimes we have to look for where she is hiding as she likes to check out all the flowers that are blooming or play in the fairy garden house.  Do you play in heaven’s gardens Samuel?We're going to keep adding to your special table, to get it ready for the Wave of Light on the 15th. Our next post will be when we're ready to light your special candle!
~ ~ ~
Dave and MaryJo Carlson are Samuel Evan's grandparents. Their daughter, RaeAnne, carried him with all her love after learning of his fatal diagnosis during pregnancy. She created All That Love Can Do in his memory. MaryJo runs the private group for bereaved grandparents, ATLCD_Grandparents. They live in MN.


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