Sunday, December 7, 2014

12 Days of Christmas: Day Seven - Luminary Craft

DIY Remembrance Luminary
by MaryJo Carlson

art on luminary by Carly Marie

You will need:

* a glass vase

* stick on decorations of your liking including ribbon and decorative tape. You can get these in the scrapbook section of stores.
* Stick on letters for their name or you can use markers or paints made specifically for glass
* Beads, feathers, butterfly’s, shells, wire, etc. (optional}
* Avery clear sticker project paper (office products store) or you can use printer paper and white glue
* Sand and candle
* Picture/ultrasound photo of your baby/grandbaby or a picture of something that reminds you of him/her/them. CarlyMarie’s seashore of remembrance photos work really well.

1. Assemble all of your items and begin by washing and drying your glass vase so the surface is clean and completely dry.

2. Print picture onto Avery sticker paper or printer paper* making it size appropriate for your vase.

3. Cut out picture and apply it carefully, smoothing it as you go. * If you are using printer paper make a mixture of white glue and a bit of water. The end product should be the consistency of milk by mixing completely. Using a small artist’s brush to apply completely cover the back of the picture with this mixture. Carefully apply to the vase smoothing with your hand as you go. You will need to smooth it occasionally while it dries as well so as to adhere completely.

4. Apply your decorations. You can be completely creative with this. Also add beads, shells, feathers using a hot glue gun to affix it to the vase. Adding sticker letters of the babies name is a wonderful touch or other sayings as well. This is completely your masterpiece; enjoy completing it however your creativity takes you.

5. Fill bottom of vase with sand and add votive candle. A battery operated votive candle works really well.

Display in a special spot and remember your beautiful child while you watch the light glow from within. 

~ ~ ~

MaryJo Carlson and her husband David have five children. Their oldest daughter is RaeAnne Fredrickson who started All That Love Can Do in memory of her beautiful son Samuel Evan. MaryJo is a stay at home mom and grandma who now spends her time finding ways to bring light and encouragement to others who have had to say goodbye to their precious grandbabies way too soon.


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