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Honoring Loss Dads this Father's Day

This Father's Day weekend, we honor the awesome daddies who did all they could for their babies. 

If you would like to honor the special loss-daddy in your life, we'd love to hear about him! Maybe he's your husband, maybe he's your son, maybe he's your friend, cousin, uncle, or grandpa! Simply comment below with your note to the daddy you'd like to honor. It can be a few words or a full letter, whatever you'd like.   

If he's a father whose child is being carried after receiving a fatal diagnosis, we'd like to honor him with you. If he's a father who has to live without one or more of his children, we'd like to honor him with you. 

We wish all the amazing daddies of the world a very peaceful and gentle Father's Day weekend as they celebrate their fatherhood, while remembering the precious babies who are missing from their arms. 

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Our first letter is for Bryan Fredrickson

All That Love Can Do was created in memory of our son, Samuel Evan Fredrickson. The following was written by Samuel's Grampa, Dave Carlson. 

My Super Hero!

The first definition of hero is: a remarkably brave person: somebody who commits an act of remarkable bravery or who has shown an admirable quality such as great courage or strength of character; If that is true than I have a super hero. His name is Bryan. Bryan is my son-in-law and he embodies every bit of this definition. Bryan loved a little boy so much that he exhibited courage of the highest degree to me and the rest of the world. Bryan took the hard road and chose life for my grandson Samuel. Bryan absolutely did All That Love Can Do for his son. This is what a father’s heart looks like and I watched it being demonstrated throughout Samuel’s entire life; 35 weeks in the womb and many hours after his birth. 

I continued to witness the tenderness and gentleness and deep, deep love you felt for him as you bathed him and dressed him and held him in your arms for hours. You have continued to love and honor Samuel’s legacy over the two years since Samuel has gone to heaven. 

Bryan, this Father’s Day and every day, I honor you. You fought the good fight, you did everything right. I am so proud of you! 

Samuel’s Grandpa

*To read more about Bryan's time with Samuel, read The Memory Keeper


Crystal Deane-Beason said...

Id like to honor my amazing husband, Charles. This man has been our rock through all of our losses. Hes been through miscarriage, the loss of our daughter, Nevaeh who passed away to SIDS, and held steady as we went though our pregnancy and 45 minutes of life of our daughter, Malachi, even though she was given a fatal diagnosis of Potter's Syndrome. He is an amazing man and I dont know where Id be without him! Happy Fathers Day to the worlds greatest Daddy in the world! I know our angels, and living son, are extremely proud of you and love you so very much! I love you, Charles!

Anonymous said...

I'd like to honor my wonderful fiancé. He is a man of such love and honor and has loved and cherished my children from a prior relationship, he is for all intents and purposes their dad and they love him. We were finally blessed with a child of our own in February however we were only to have him with us for a short 16 weeks and we lost him at the end of April. My fiancé Casey has continued to shower "our" children with love while grieving the loss of our baby boy. Every day he writes a little letter to our son Aiden letting him know he is always remembered and loved. I cannot thank him enough for his love and support. He is truly a good and honorable man who deserves to be celebrated this Father's Day. We love you!!

Monica said...

I'd like to honor my Papa, my number 1 hero! I heard aunties and uncles call him Gary. I always hear Mama say how loving and caring he is. Even though he never got to see me, as I grew my angel wings very suddenly in Mama's womb in November 23, 2011, I know he loves me very very very much. My Papa doesn't cry, but I know that does not mean his heart is not bleeding. Despite of his sadness, heartbreak and disappointment, Papa continues to put on a brave face in front of other people. He continues to be the strong pillar of support when Mama was suffering from depression after losing me. It is the toughest job for any daddy -- to carry a broken heart and empty arms everyday, yet being a superman to Mama, as well as acting normal and professional at work. I don't know how Papa does it, that is why I think he is better than Superman, Spiderman, Batman and Captain America altogether!

-- From your forever baby Acacius

It's my turn to honor my Papa, our Papa. I think my Papa is the bestest best in the whole wide world, because I was diagnosed with a fatal condition when I was 19 weeks at Mama's womb, yet he never gave up on me. Papa never asked doctors to take me away from Mama's womb. Papa talked and sang to me everyday, he read me bible stories and told me how much brother Jesus and Heavenly Papa loves me. Despite the emotional roller coaster that Papa and Mama had to go through, Papa brought me to experience many fun things, such as: drinking black cow, playing swing, see-saw, strolling along the beach. I came to this world on December 7, 2013, and spent 43 minutes with Papa and Mama before I joined my elder brother Acacius in Heaven. Even though I never opened my eyes, I could feel Papa's soft touch, his gentle voice and warm embrace, and I will never ever forget that feeling. Losing my brother was difficult enough for my parents, and now they don't get to keep me on Earth with them as well. I just can't imagine how shattered my Papa's soul and heart is, yet just like my brother said, Papa continues to be Mama's pillar of support, keeps on putting a professional demeanor at work, wearing a brave face in front of my grandparents, all aunties and uncles, so they don't have to worry about him. I don't know about you, but that is the most selfless loving act I have ever seen. That is why my Papa is the greatest Papa in the Universe.

-- From your precious Isaias

Papa, I know it is hard to have a happy father's day without us in your arms. But know that we fly down to give you kisses and hugs all the time, and tomorrow is no exception. Have a peaceful and gentle Papa's day. We wuv youuuuuuuuu! <3 <3 <3

Daya Solomon, Jonah's Grandma said...

Honoring my oldest son this Father's Day, Deva Solomon. In his child's short lifetime I saw my son be a Dad with unwavering love and devotion, show his son strength and tenderness, experience exhilaration and then the worst possible despair, care for Jonah with gentleness and protection, make wise and unimaginable decisions, and be a rock for his wife through it all. In the aftermath of tragedy Deva has somehow managed to not let the loss of Jonah defeat him, in spite of the pain. I so admire the Father he is and the man he has become. I look up to him, and not just because he is taller than me.

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