Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Ella's Story, by her mama

By Lisa Goodlett

It was 2008 and my husband and me had just married. We couldn't wait to start a family! My husband had just graduated college and the timing seemed right. We couldn't believe we got a positive only a month after we married! It seemed like fate!

Things started to go down hill right away. I started having debilitating cramps. When I went to the ER I was put on ectopic pregnancy watch. They couldn't see a baby but my pregnancy hormones indicated a baby should be seen. We spent over a week going in for daily ultrasounds. At one point the doctor told us it wasn't looking good. Eventually my cramps went away and I stopped going in for my ultrasounds because I didn't have health insurance. By the time I had my first real obgyn appointment I was 10 weeks and a baby was seen! Everything was looking up.

When I was 5 months pregnant my husband ended up losing his job and we were forced to relocate back to our home town. I had to find a new doctor and couldn't even be seen until I was 6 months pregnant.

I finally had a ultrasound appointment and I couldn't be more excited! I literally counted down the days. I have no idea why I never considered something could be wrong. All I thought about was finding out the gender.

The big day had finally arrived! I remember the ultrasound tech not turning the screen to face us or talking much, which made me uneasy. She only showed us her foot and told us we had to speak with the doctor because she had seen a birth defect but not to worry because she'd seen it before. I remember thinking maybe it was a Cleft lip or deformed finger, no big deal.

The doctor came in and told us it looked like our baby had gastroschisis (which meant that her intestines stuck outside of her body). I was told not to worry that she'd just need a surgery after birth. We were scheduled for a level two ultrasound a few days later.

When we went in for our ultrasound once again the ultrasound tech seemed like she was acting weird. She spent over a hour looking at her heart and would call in other doctors or techs from time to time. Finally, a doctor came in and asked us if we ever considered our baby might die. I was blown away. I remember sobbing uncontrollable well uncaring doctors looked on. My baby had a rare birth defect called, "limb body wall complex". She basically had so many birth birth defects she was incompatible with life.

My first question was, "what do we do"? I wasn't really sure what answer I was looking for. That's when the doctor said we could deliver the baby right away. I was concerned with any pain she would be and was told they could inject a medication into her amniotic fluid that would stop her heart.

After lots of crying and thought there was no way I could do it! I couldn't even imagine it. I wanted to carry her and love her for as long as I had her and that's what I did!

On July 30 I went into labor and had her by c-section on the 31st. She lived for 34mins in our arms and was loved every minute.

She was an absolutely beautiful baby!! 

Ella Lyn Wiggins 07/31/09


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